ive seen many

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  1. yes ive seen my fair share of bmw's beauty.. ppl ound me block were buyin em like crazy. i just noticed 5 ppl with new x5's and some new m5's and 7 series.... thank god i live on this blok.... i can watch em all go round the blok looks pretty good..... i also see a few of em old corvette running throu here its like a gm and bmw dream to watch cars....... lol ..... or at least mine, itd be nice to own one of these x5 lemans..... but id much rather take a corvette
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    Corvette over this?! OK, this just shows your level intelligence...<!-- Signature -->
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    yeh and u disagreeing with me shows ure even crazier. in 2005 u really wud have ure mouth hanging open and not just to suck dick

    corvette z06 = 405 hp
    top speed = 170 mph
    0-60 = 3.9 sec<!-- Signature -->
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    I disagree with you as much as I want. First of all, I dont like the weird corvette design at all...an SAV looks a lot nicer...weird, but true I'd take this car in second before a corvette...<!-- Signature -->
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    I would take this car B4 ANY AMERICAN CAR, and ANY JAPANESE CAR(Thats if japanese made cars, and not golf carts). This is da BOMB!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    i dont know if u looked but this car has 700 hp....a zo6 would have some truble beating this thing in an allout race.....says somthing about how much corvette sucks....
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    wait a second, you'd take a corvette over this for everyday driving? That's odd. When you drive the corvette down the street everyone thinks "look its a corvette, it looks fast." (not me thou, just average joe). When you drive the x5 everyone goes "look, that thing looks nice, i wish i had one", then if you had this x5 lemans concept, and you speed away in the intersection on the green, everyone goes "whoa!!!!"
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    U would take a corvette over this you &$#(&$# ignorant!! this car has 700HP!! and more of that it's an SUV with 0-60 in 4.6 sec!!! it's a monster!! and it's a german car not an american one,,,if it enters production it would be the ultimate car!!
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    A SUV dosent need 700 horse power!!!SUV are not made for speed.
    If you want power and speed get a Lotec Sirius.
  10. Pure Porche 911 is an idiot.

    Is that a good title?
  11. Ferrari Rule!!!Porche Suck!!!

    Another one of my titles.
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    no, u shut up, his right <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    I totally agree. What the hell would you do with it? It's nice but it has absolutely NO practicality. There's no way you could use this SUV as a "get-around town and take the kids to school" vehicle (as they were designed to do).
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    what do you mean theres no practicallity? hello theres seating for 6-7 people? uh duh? You can take this badboy up to Tahoe and make it in record timing, you can do a whole lot of shit with this SUV faster than anything. Better handling than any SUV ive seen too. Compared to what a ferrari? lol is a ferrari practical? thats a car you cant even drive anywhere except on the weekend, and you only have room for maybe one piece of luggage and a friend, talk about practical! Geez are you people like clueless?!

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