I've seen this beast!

Discussion in '1995 Renault Espace F1 Concept' started by natedogg36, May 5, 2003.

  1. I saw this at a Renault Dealer on the Avenue Des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Pretty cool car.
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    Holy shit, im jealous, but it is hard to believe. Their usually kept to themselves in ware houses. Then again the french are not selfish.
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    They may not be selfish, but they are jealous of the US being a super power.
    Actually, they are very generous with their intel from the US also.
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    Why would you say that? Not going to war isnt a sign of jealousy, going to war is. Now the us is going for iran, another oil gusher, whos jealous now.
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    Kindly try to keep the politics out of here! This site is about cars, cars and politics shouldn't have anything to do with eachother.
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    Saw it Goodwood festival of Speed the other year, amazing to see it in the flesh.
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    all i know is this would be one hell of a people mover.
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    wow do u feel special now u've seen this car...did u search all over the world for it so u could get that special feeling that u r supirior 2 me? well mate ur not....I AM THE BEST U KNO AND HAVE SEEN JACK SH*T 2 ME!!! ok so dont post these stupid msgs sayin uve seen this car so that u think ur better than everone else....
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    Actually I've seen this car as well, being a show-item on the '95 Amsterdam RAI Vehicle show, and it's worh telling that someone has seen it. A: there's only one made, and B: it's for sure one of the most intimidating looking vehicles I've seen in my life.
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    I would die too see this thing on the track and to hear this thing reving like a formula 1 car it would truly be an experience on it's own.

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