Ives melled the worst smell ever

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  1. had this regualr drinking night at a friend of mine and i was late and we were out of chairs, so i grabbed a beercase with empty bottles in it to sit on. after 5 minutes the most horrible smell ive ever smelled(rotten eggs times 100) penetrates the room. i was like yoooooo who the #$%# farted so bad that he had shit in his pants. everybody was acusing eachotuer, after a while the smell dies off and everything returns back to normal. i could still smell a bit of it so i was like wtf this aint a fart. then someone points out that the beercase is leaking and like and i looked at it, hey this aint beer, this is cola. so i lift up the case and a huge puddle formed underneath. what i thought was cola was actually beer out of date and this friend of mine had filling this beerbottles with cigarettes. this was rotting, but since it hadnt moved it didnt smell. i moved it and it released the moust foul smell ever. when lift the case, the smell was even worse than before. sooooo bad, even roommates 3 stories down complained about the smell.

    my god, i almost died tonight. what a night. omg. im drunk and i have no idea why i type this. also free 944turb0, stewacide and w00t. ban mc777 and antigimpage
  2. people who leave old beer bottles lying around, and then put their cigarette ashes in them are disgusting creatures.
  3. nice story tryin to cover for that rank fart you made man
  4. rotten smell? how about dead crabs in a closed cooler that sat on the deck for a few weeks permeating in their own salt water/guts, in the summer. took 2 days to clear the smell.
  5. ive worked with rotten meat + blood , but this was wayyyyy worse. my god.
  6. nanner i like ur avy

    plz respond after this
  7. Worst I smelled was a freshly killed deer carcus in my garage. Not pleasant at all.
  8. worst i smelled was Branko on pierogie night.
  9. responding

    oh ya lol thanks
  10. rotten watermelon is pretty horrible. you wouldnt think so but it had liquiefied in the ice chest.
  11. My friend had a bottle of dip spit rolling around the bed of his truck in the hot sun for weeks. I'll never forget that smell when we opened that bottle.
  12. I sharted.
  14. Dog's ears when they have an ear infection
    Or a corpse
  15. durian seriously smell worse than shit without being rotten
  17. noithing wrong with that
  18. I smelled the worst smell today.
    This guy behind me in class smelled SO BAD.
    I almost died, and had to move up to the front row.

    Some of the smell still lingers in my nose.

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