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  1. I've never been more in love.

    Spent the last two days just listening to Utada Hikaru. If you haven't heard her.. "Automatic", "Time Will Tell", "Simple and Clean" all kick major, major ass.

    Post other good J-Pop suggestions here..
  2. is the worst thing ever. I dread going home because my sister plays it nonstop
  3. You have to avoid the bubblegum, manufactured J-pop. There's some quality Japanese R&Bish/urban material that sounds really good.
  4. No, it's terrible. Every time I listen to it, half of me wants to commit seppukku because the way they butcher the Japanese language through the lyrics (and also the English language) is unbelievable shameful.
  5. J-Rock is better/worse. It's better in that it's closer to actual music, and therefore tolerable, but worse because it's closer to actual music, and is also Japanese, so it fails.

    There's a girl at my school, kinda cute, borderline butterface (great boobs, though) #$%#ING LOVES J-Rock. #$%#in' Dir en grey this and Dir en grey that...
  6. hahaha, it's ridiculous, like, a rather awesome kind of ridiculous.
  7. I listen to lots of Japanese rap, they've got an interesting scene.
  8. what kind of worst?
  9. leverworst
  10. Whats worst> Black ppl listening to J-Pop.
  11. Admitting that was certainly brave. Sorry, for me that was just totally generic tat.
  12. that's the worst.
  13. +1

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