Ja Rule has it..

Discussion in '1998 Campagna T-REX' started by yungcarfreak, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I do not know why people on this website criticize this car. its fast enough, it sounds like a motorcycle, and its xtremely exotic. look at the 0-60 time..does that look slow? I wuld buy this car if i new wher 2 get it
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    Yeah, its definitely mad cool, which is exactly why Ja Rule Has it....
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    Ja Rule is a pice of shit
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    hell yea man
    Ja Rule is the biggest jackass ever born
    except possibly the guy who said torque has nothing to do with acceleration on the other forum for this car...
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    ya know who else has one, brian mcknight.
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    your a pice of shit captain. This is what u like captain.
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    You can see ja rules on the show ride with funkmaster flex. it is on spike t.v. his t-rex is very nice. It is yellow.
  8. You can buy one. There is a place in south florida around West Palm Beach called Autobahn Motors. They have the Campanga T-rex. Their website is www.autobahn-motors.com
  9. who cares about ja rule

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