Jack In The Box Bacon Shake

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  1. Last year Denny’s gave us the bacon sundae and now the Jack in the Box chain is rolling out the Bacon Shake.

    The bacon shake turns out to be a regular vanilla shake with what JIB calls “Bacon flavored syrup.”

    The bacon shake will be an Iowa export. Jack in the Box doesn’t have an outlet in the state that is number one in the nation for hog and pork production.

    The closest Jacks in the Box to Iowa are in Alton, Ill., Arnold, Mo., (a southern suburb of St. Louis) and Kansas City, Kan.

    Some reviews are coming in for the bacon shake, the latest food item to capitalize on the chicness of bacon.

    The Phoenix New Times newspaper sent out a reporter Saturday to sample the new treat, only to learn that it had sold out!

    The Impulsive Buy website was mildly critical that the bacon shake didn’t have bacon bits sprinkled on top, as did Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae that was part of its 2011 Baconalia promotion.

    The Serious Eats website described Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae as the “breakout” item on the Baconalia menu.

    The Eater website goes into some detail about JIB’s promotion campaign for the bacon shake and bacon burgers. The promotion is headlined “If you love bacon so much, why don’t you marry it?” At t he conclusion of the television ad, the voice says “you may eat the bride.”
  2. I'm Bacon!
  3. Want. Making Chicken Fried Bacon tomorrow, pretty excited.
  4. brb googlin closest JIB
  5. yuck yuck
  6. anyone remember the big E. coli scare of the early '90s?

    my friend's mom pretty much had all of the JIBs in the southeast shut down
  7. #%[email protected]
  8. the Denny's bacon ice cream sundae was actually not bad. a lot of maple and bacon flavor go well together. sweet and salty.
  9. Yeah, drink it all, arrghg ugghgh ohhh yeah baby drink it
  10. It's not gay if I beat him up afterwards, right?
  11. uhmehricuh!!!
  12. still not as bad as the heart attack grill or whatever it's called.
  13. I wonder if FastMan will tell Rob eat 10 of them.
  14. Bacchanalian
  15. good! what a hero.
  16. haha bacon!!!!!!!!
    bacon on everything cuz lol bacon is SO GOOD!
    look at me im a fat disgusting peice of shit BACON RULES!!!!!!!
  17. MyFirstBaconShake goes for a ride.
  18. Chicken fried bacon was amazing. I came.
  19. accurate imitation of typical fat stupid american.
  20. You cant just leave us hanging for christs sake, post an in-depth review.
  21. UdontEVENcrowME
  24. um disgusting as #$%# whaddya think

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