Jack In The Box Bacon Shake

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Feb 6, 2012.

  2. You just want them all for your self
  3. Just got one. Save yourself the bother. It tastes like someone mixed in a bottle of liquid smoke into a shake. Terrible.
  4. there goes 1000 of your calories for the day
  5. Had maybe a sixth of it. Wouldn't have been worthwhile at no calories.
  6. Same, I could not finish it. Eventually even the smell of it almost made me want to puke.
  7. proof that idiots will buy anything.
  8. Disgusting

    only in America
  9. -The English countryside is full of family farms where you can sample their jams, pickles, cheeses, meats etc.
    -Would you drink a buttermilk shake with fried bacon bits if it was locally produced?
  10. You drank a lot of milk, and whatever compound is in this Mr Bacon air freshener
  11. no because i don't eat fried food.
    and hell no i don't eat mass produced `bacon tasting` friggen sweet M shakes. good GOD that is the GROCEST thing I've HEARD of. M + Bacon. jesus what is WRONG with ppl
  12. so u don't eat ANY fried sang? what about a fried egg? what about sweet KFC ``secret recipe edition`` chicken sandwich with melted cheese and bacon nestled in the middle ?
  13. Good morning Paul,

    uh, no paul. no paul i do'nt!

    I eat my eggs poached OR hard bolled*.

    *I don't bolle them though, I steam them in a steammer to preserve the nutrience.

    I also no, I do not eat fried chicken and hardly any meats products at that! expecially mass produced chickens who did you know are farmed in tight conditions??

    Anyways, I hope I've opened you're eyes on the matter.

    Kindest Regards,
  14. Dear ALphones,

    thank yo ufor opening my eyes they were sealed shut from mcdonalds big macs and chicken mcsandwiches because of SOO cheap prices! but i googled your query about chickens in tight conditions and BOY GEE WIZ what the h*ck kinda sang are we eating in these contry! can u believe some of the chickens even DIE in the coop in the dark and the other chickens just walk around him and walk in there poop until they get to be 42 days old and then off to cornel sanders chicken fryer! i'm only buying chicken from the SUPER FRESH grocery store from now on, shirley those chiekns are better life!

    Best - Paul
  15. Lol... ^ These guys! (excluding walper's post)
  17. u opened up my eyes and released my tears 4 the auschwitz like conditon of poor burger mac chiggins!!!!

    meet is murder
  18. I tried some chocolate covered bacon from World Market once. Sweet and salty flavors go together surprisingly well in this case.
  19. Very strange.
  20. thats IT
    thats ALL you're going to SAY about this

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