Jag XJ220...Fastest in the world?

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  1. I thought the fastest car in the world, production or not, was the 2005 Hennessey SRT-10 Viper Venom 1000 Coupe not the sledgehammer. Am i wrong? Thats what this website says. Someone correct me if i'm mistaken.
  2. the slegehammer is the fastest STREET LEGAL car in the world. has been since 1988.
  3. this car is no were near the fastest car in the world im only 14 and even i no that. for a start the sledgehammers topspeed is 254.4 mph . then i think its the veyron with 252mph . then its the hennessey viper at around 250 mph

  4. just about all of you are wrong, exept blaze up. the sledge hammer would have been a production car back in '88 because callaway agreed to build more for i'm not sure but it was over 150,000 usd a peice but no one would take him up on his offer. then the jag was the fastest production car (MORE THAN ONE!) in the world for a short period of time then the mclaren f1 then the bugatti then the hennesy viper, all of witch were production cars exept the corvette
  5. Well here's a quote from wikipedia.com, "The title of 'world's fastest production road car' is constantly in contention, especially because the term "production car" is not well-defined." So in other words no one knows for sure what defines a vehicle as "production car," so maybe lay off this notion that just because there's ONLY one that's EVER been made nothing its done matters...so by that "rule" its Top Speed SHOULD BE discarded??? Imagine if you will, owning a performance-based shop and remanufactured your own form of a Corvette, Viper or whatever to a state that questions the every foundations of, Newtons second law of physics (called fusion) and how the car (in question) performs at such a HIGH level. Plus, why should ANY OF YOU question rather or not the Sledgehammer Corvette, did or didn't do a 254.76mph Top Speed, piloted by (the now deceased) John Lingenfelter?!?!? So, with all that said...did you know that Guinness World Records places the 1939 Daimler-Benz T80 1st with its 393.71mph Top Speed??? So, again SHOULD its top speed be discarded as well, simply for the mere fact it was produced for that sole purpose of, claiming the worlds fastest land speed record, that lasted from 1939-1985??? Oh...as far as paved roads its STILL the record to beat!!!

    Oh, btw John Lingenfelter died (I believe) testing a twin turbocharged Chevy Cobalt or maybe driving a race car. Oh, he died doing what he loved...please stop criticising he's legacy or Reeves Callaway's legacy, as well. Finally, to answer your question is maybe, because sc.net FINALLY got one right, by getting their information on wikipeida.com...perhaps???

    ...OH, the answer is yes!
  6. What?

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