Jaguar F-Type Leaked Ahead Of Paris Debut

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  1. it looks like a california, what's good about that?

    i like the xf(my dad has one now), xj and xk, but this is horendous.
  2. fix your eyes.
  3. depending on how this looks I might have to buy one.
  4. yah, i might actually throw down a deposit when they first start taking orders....

    it's not much and like, i can sell my position, right?
  5. yes you can. if you get really really lucky they'll be a massive waiting list and you could possibly make money off of it.
  6. jag got class
    we be tight
    nothing new here
  7. Yah, that's what I'm hoping. My cousin threw down a deposit on an Abarth Fiat 500 and he's already gotten some interested dudes.
  8. Front bumper is too busy for a Jag. The entire concept is kind of 'meh' to me. Then again, the only current Jag that doesn't leave me cold is the XK.
  9. a small, powerful, FR roadster is "meh"?

    I guess you may have to wait for Jaguar's next 4x4 mini-MPV 2+2 coupé crossover.
  10. No, on paper the concept is interesting. In practice though, I really don't associate Jaguar with small roadsters. Big GTs and sedans, yes. And really, this thing's gonna be a sea of compromises when it's finally released, because half of the team will have wanted it to be hardcore like a Boxster or a Corvette, and the other half will want it to be a comfy luxury trinket, like an SLK or possibly the Z4. It's also not really going to be a bargain, either. Additionally, as I've said, that front fascia is un-graceful. None of these things is good. So, while small powerful roadsters as a rule don't elicit a "meh" from me, this particular one does, in much the same way as most of the enthusiast world reacts to the small, powerful, FR roadster that is the Mercedes SLK.
  11. Jaguar have a long history of roadsters, and arguably their most notable car ever produced came in roadster form. In fact, both pre-production/concept versions they built of the XKE/E-Type were sans roof.

    Also remember that this new model is destined to be the "F-Type". Follows on nicely from C-Type, D-Type, and E-Type don't you think?
  12. That was 50 years ago. The world (and Jaguar) have moved on - or so they tell us when they take the gorgeous XJ and turn it into...what we have now.

    It's a cynical marketing ploy to cash in on some retro sympathies. But that doesn't mean it will be the heir to those cars' throne. We'll have to wait and see I guess. I want to like it, but for now it just leaves me feeling cold, like most of the German competition. They're just things to be seen in. Except the 911 or Boxster, whichever this thing winds up competing against.
  13. the only thing thats cynical on this site is you. now shut the #$%# up you whinge bag
  14. post + sig combo is great^^
  15. Typical Jag fanboy.
  16. Lol
  17. ok just saw the new pics. i retract my statement. looks pretty good. still not fond of that california/sls nose though.
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    Detailed photos of the 2013 Jaguar F-Type just leaked leaving almost nothing for the automaker to show later this week in Paris during the car’s official debut.

    With a starting 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that makes either 340 or 380 hp depending on the configuration, or an even more potent 5.0-liter supercharged V8 in the F-Type R boasting 550 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque it’s easy to imagine how impressive the car will be.

    But imagination is for dreamers and apparently afraid there weren’t enough in the world, the company released a series of teaser videos. Those clips came after an initial leak showing the car sans-camo, but the footage featured the car re-dressed.

    Then earlier today, that same photo came directly from the company in higher resolution – a confirmation that the leaked photo was legitimate. Now, a bank of new pictures is showing the car in even greater detail and loads of new angles.

    The newest of those show its interior, which looks to come loaded with soft-touch materials, in close detail. Those pictures also show the car with paddle shifters which will govern its standard eight-speed automatic transmission. Customers will still be able to row their own gears, but will have to elect for the optional manual transmission to do so.

    This is also the first time it’s taillights, which are an evolution on the cat’s eye-like equipment seen on the XK’s rear end, have been fully visible. They carry a longer and sharper look that make its stance look lower and wider.
  19. Looks really nice!
  20. This has to be the best looking front engine Jag since the E Type.
  21. I'm all about that rear end.

    The coupe concept was so hot though. Small, curvey roadsters shown in red always make me think "miata".
  22. I like this a lot! I also like the new Boxster a lot as well. It would be a tough pick assuming they would be priced similarly. Too bad everything Lotus is putting out right now looks like shit, because the world of smaller, affordable sports cars is getting interesting again. Would be interesting to see an American company attempt a car to compete that isn't terrible like the Pontiac Solstice was. So much potential amd so much failure.
  23. Yeah that rear end is awesome.
  24. The new Boxster is so hot/expensive. I saw an almost fully loaded S at our dealership for 92k canadian. That's a TON on a Boxster.
  25. Ouch, how much does a base model 991 911 cost in Canada?

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