Jaguar Of Troy,Mi Sucks!

Discussion in '2001 Jaguar XJR' started by BobMcJiggles, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What does one of the finest luxery cars in the world need? Some of the finest service in the world like bmw and lexus. I love Jaguars, they have so much potential but when you pick up your beautiful car from getting the oil changed and someone stole your radar detector while there is a ding in your door and for some reason there is a chunk of your engine on the passanger seat the dealership could use some improvement.
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    I think it's not just your Jaguar dealer that sucks. I live near Atlanta Georgia and Nalley Jaguar is an absolute joke as well. My XJR is the most expensive car that dealer has sold. Fully customized by Arden the sticker price is just around $120,000. Yet I still get treatet like the Average S-Type owner. In other words, like crap. At a BMW dealership for example they offer you a bverage. They invite you to demo new product and the overall friendlyness it wayyyy better. A the Jag dealer you get nothing bu shitty service. And everytime I go in for inspction I walk out paying at least $1000.
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    i get free soda and coffee at the Freeport Dealership at Jaguar.
    and the new maintenance program, means you don't need to pay for service up to 50,000 or 4 years.
    meaning, you shouldn't be paying that $1,000 dollars or whatever you talking about for inspection.
    I've demo a lot of Jaguars. Including xk180 edition XKs, and Arden X-Types.
    the Arden XJR is not the most expensive Jaguar btw.
    the the XKA RS actually is. however try to find a dealership that sells one.
    yet again, i don't have much problems, as my dad is a mechanic.
    i rarely go there anymore, as the times i went there was to buy parts (with double discounts) for my old '86 VDP.
    I actually got a lot better service from a Jaguar dealer, than from the Lincoln/Mercury dealer I have, for my 02 1/2 Sable Platinum.
    2 years from now, i'm definetly going back to Jaguar.
    but year again, Freeport has won 5 of the past 7 years as the best dealership in North America.
    and has won 3 of the past 7 years, best jaguar dealership in the world.
    so we're dealing with perhaps different people.
    but i'll say this, if your car has warranty, you shouldn't be paying for parts or labor. the $55 for inspection fee, is different.

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