Jaguar XJ220

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by superserge, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I'm not really fond of this car but I found pics of it that make it look very nice actually..Post yours
  2. ive got a s twr gallery
  3. not fond of that thing, expcet for the black on black one
  4. i still love the XJ220
    still looks good today
  5. I actually find this car as being one of the best looking cars ever. The back may be a little wierd, but the front and profile are just stunning. My opinion.
  6. Oh dear, I think I need to employ a jizz mopper.
  7. Still the prettiest hypercar ever made IMO.
  8. no that would be the Diablo
  9. It's really tied between those two.
  10. The Diablo isn't pretty.

    It's aggressive and stunning, but not pretty.

    Like the F40, F50 and Enzo.
  11. LLOLOLOL, you find the F40 pretty?
  12. No, he's listing that as another example of something that's aggressive and stunning, but not pretty.
  13. bingo.
  14. wrong.

    f40 is pretty
    diablo is pretty

    enzo is ugly and aggresive
  15. At LRC Automobiles at Paris, they try to sell this XJ220. Nobody want it ?
  16. Wrong.

    Enzo is ugly and functional.
  17. The Enzo is not ugly.... it is... not beautiful !
  18. Rather an EB110

    edit: or Edonis
  19. Seriously? It wouldn't even be close between those three for me. I still think the XJ220 is an incredible looking car. Just saw a silver one today, actually.
  20. XJ220 TWR and the MC12 are my two all time favorite looking cars ever
  21. Yeah, I can actually think of another few more hypercars I'd have over the XJ, but its looks do still impress me.
  22. There are definitely other hypercars I'd take before it, it's just that the Bug and Edonis aren't on that list.
  23. still one of my favorites

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