Jaguar XKA and RS

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  1. The Jaguar-Arden XKA, has made this car their target.
    with a $120,000 price, virtually the same,
    Jaguar offers a 4.4L v8 supercharged, with 468HP, and a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.
    A much larger car, and a lot more luxury features.
    The Z8 amount of plastic in it, sometimes make the Jaguar X-Type look good. That's a bad sign for BMW.
    But then there is the model from the Arden dealership.
    the RS.
    the lightweight model.
    a super project that took, almost 2 years.
    and the result?
    a 4.6L Supercharged V8 engine, that's not tuned for elegant sunday driving, but for performance. a super 0-60 in under 4 seconds, and the great sound and force of a 465 KW engine. Yes people, we're talking like over 600 hp here.
    price tag? $160,000.

    So as you can see. BMW Z8 is outdated.
    Jaguar offers better models at the price range.
    Even a regular XKR is fairly acceptable, performance wise.

    It's time for BMW to answer the critics, and establish a good sports car.
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    You're forgetting about the image and the rarety og the Z8, I would prefer one any day.
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    I dont care about all them facts about how much plastic which cars got and stuff, in my opinion z8's are just cool and the best car ever!!! by the way i agree about the US cars thing above this.
  4. Yes

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