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    Is the Batmobile a car?
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    there is still a xj220 with a v12 engine though, it's somewhere in belgium but I forgot the name of the owner.
    I believe it was especially built for him.
    or does every xj220 twr have a v12 engine? (btw: incredible xj220's are for sale at and
    check them out! they are awesome
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    XJ220 by a thousand miles, literally. This prototype whatever is just a hunking one-ton piece of crap. Excuse the language but this car just happens to have a pre-cambrian era V12.
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    This car would definatly get stomped because it doesnt handle very well in a straight line unless your a professional race car driver, and even then they said it was a nightmare. It only raced i believe, 4 times and the drivers said it sucked basically. I have seen it and it is a huge disappointment. sorry guys, I've never seen the 220 in action but i know for sure it would beat this. HOWEVER,this car actually hit 215mph for your information. It was the 725 hp version.
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    I think the XJ220 S TWR would beat this.
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    Tough comparison.
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    Definately the XJ220, because it's much lighter, and it goes faster. This is a very nice car.
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    The interesting thing about this car is that it was supposed to be Jaguars Supercar for that era, but then the XJ220 came into our lives. Ahhh, thank God for those independent designers.
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    XJR15 its so mental if i could afford one im sure i could afford a track to go with it
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    why bother just get the mazda
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    I think XJ200 is faster then XJR-15, if I got an option, I prefer XJR-15!
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    the xjr-15 has better acceleration and handling.

    the xj220 has better top speed and gas mileage.

    yet again, it's hard to compare a 3.5L turbo 6 in the xj220 to a 6.0 v12 in the XJR-15.

    what's interesting about the xjr-15 engine, is that it uses the same engine found in the XJS, which are just tuned up for better performance.

    oh, that and Jaguar is releasing some new ones this year (they found extra chassis/parts) the price is a lot lower than originally sold for.

    nevertheless, id go for the xjr-15 since its available.
  14. Agree on taking the XJR 15 over the XJ220. Interestingly enough, both have similar market values in the UK right now. The XJR 15 really is not a street car though. Very few (of the 50) were fitted with the 5 speed syncro gear box and the others have a 6 speed non syncro box that is near impossible to drive on the road. Interior is very spartan, engine noise is deafening, and airconditioning is a joke (if it works at all). However the carbon fiber body tube is a work of art and overall it is a most impressive machine.

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