James May The Reassembler

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  1. This series seems totally in line with his pedantic and meticulous nature.

    S1E1 -
  2. I will reply to this thread.

    This is a good show.
  3. I wish Hammond and May did more in their downtime. I know Hammond actually had legit shows and stuff, but **** that. He needs to do more goofy youtube nonsense. Same with Clarkson.
  4. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wait.



  5. Yeah the censorship list didn't get finished.
  6. Did nobody watch Man Lab and Toy Stories?

    (duh old get over your outrageous comments)
  7. hammond can **** off with the solo stuff
    it takes up precious james may funding / air time
    and clarkson should just write all day
    i think he should write his own religious text
  8. Clarkson has borderline absurdist humor sometimes. He could write something for Hammond cuz hamster tries to be too serious and professional. James May is the most dgaf out of the three of them though.
  9. This may be one of my new favorite shows

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