Japanese: What brand is your car?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Ferrarista01, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. A while ago i done a poll in General asking where does your car come from, Japan seemed the most popular on this site. Now i wanna see what is the most popular brand.
  2. Umm I have more than one. Mazda and Nissan
  3. Primary car then
  4. Okay Mazda.
  5. nissan, 240sx
  6. Have owned 2 Eunos's (not on the list) but now have a nissan
  7. Accord Coupe V6 - but with no fuc*#$(g manual!
  8. I'm buying a Civic since my Focus is pooched.
  9. Coilovers coming soon!
  10. i dont own one, but if i did it would likely be a sube.
  11. had a honda [prelude] and now a mitsubishi [eclipse GTS]
  12. I've owned two Toyotas ('87 MR2 and '91 MR2 Turbo) and a Nissan ('90 240SX). I owned the '87 MR2 most recently and am using a Toyota engine (3SGTE) in the car I'm building, so I voted Toyota.
  13. you too extreme for it? do you think you can handle the vtec kickin in y0?
  14. 90 300ZX TT
  15. Datsun-nissan
  16. My dad shifts the future.
  17. I chose Nissan
  18. You have an Aussie car

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