Japanese: What brand is your car?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Ferrarista01, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. the shifter is a wooden leg
  2. Nissan, but now i prefer toyota
  3. You have bathing ape in the hinterlands???
  4. 1994 Black Nissan Sentra SE-R
    I like sleepers.
    Edit: I also like cheap, safe speed.
    Edit: I'm also poor.
  5. 1994 Black Nissan Sentra SE-R
    I like sleepers.
    I also like cheap, safe speed.
    I'm also poor.
  6. That's actually pretty cool.
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    We have one of those. Was to be my first car, but my brother took it over and didnt want it anymore...and now its trash. Would be a cool project though. I had some pretty cool plans for it with an SR and the Tsuru converison...well...just the lights and grill...lol.


    But I would rather get a Micra for a project car. Cant wait till I have money. Will be so much better.
  8. I actually really like the look of those older Sentra SE-Rs. They're one of the only little Japanese FWD 4 bangers I like.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, I too enjoy the car a lot. I have (obviously?) done some modifications to it, and I have further, much bigger plans for it, including the turbo charger it was meant (SR20DET in Japan) to have. Other than the bigger panasport wheels (which I love, but were nessicary for the big brake kit) it will stay completely stock on the outside. Here's to the future.
  10. Yeah dude, I love those brakes and wheels.
  11. Maxima, Nissan wins!
  12. Learn to spell (infiniti).

    But yeah, I have two of them.
  13. + Honduh!
  14. don't have my own car, drive the mum's 4runner all the time though and i love it, topped out at 95!!!!
  15. Is that a "track" edition 350Z?

  16. nissan, cause I'm getting one.
  17. nissan, cause I'm getting one.
  18. nissan, cause I'm getting one.
  19. No shit?
  20. I finally have decent pictures of my crappy car.
  21. do Renaults count as nissans?
  22. nice, you welded a rear 'strut' bar
  23. Accually it came like that. The only thing I've done so far is put a new engine in it. The old ka24e died.
  24. died? as in how?

    where do you live?

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