Japanese: What brand is your car?

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  1. I see you have ONE S14 seat. much much better than the S13 seats. I actually installed my rears a while ago. Just put in my K-Sports today too. Nor more rediculous gap and ALOT stiffer...because they are currently set on hard. Have to fix my sunken battle ships too...teehee.

    ...cool car though Hemi.
  2. Step dad has an Isuzu Rodeo.
  3. I live in AZ. It ran like shit, and when I was taking it home one day it died and would not start back up. I probably could have fixed it, but it was a shitty engine to begin with. I managed to get a s14 sr20de really cheap, so I put it in, and it only had around 36k kms on it.
  4. I'm kind of pissed about the seats. The passenger seat is a perfectly fine s14 seat. The drivers seat back is broken so its stuck in gangster lean mode. The drivers window also doesnt roll down.

    I hope you have good luck with the k-sports, my friend has had his for a little over a year and they've had to be rebuilt twice because they leak.
  5. Honda Iintegra (RSX in america). unfortunatly not the Type R/S, so just the crappy base model.
  6. civic

    04 Si
  7. Mazda... But I'd like to own a Skyline one day...
  9. Thats a really sweet Integra
  10. have 2...voted for Subaru as primary, also have a Mazda.
  11. thanks buddy. hopeing to slap a JDM K20A in december. then it'll be a sweat sleeper lol
  12. Truely an awesome car. How is it?
  13. How do u like it? Im thinking of getting one.
  14. I love it. I've had it for a month or so, thus I can't really comment on long term stuff but everything I've researched says they're just bulletproof in terms of reliability, etc. Its fun to drive, quick, and rock solid.

    I'm going to order a catless uppipe (pre '06 wrxs have 3 catalytic converters :-/) in the next couple of days which will add a bit of power but mostly take off turbo lag and spool time. It really doesn't need it, but my roommate has a Vishnu Stage 1 '04 WRX and so I've seen how brutally quick they can be with some minimal mods.

    The only downside I've noticed so far is that even though I have the 'premium' sound system it sucks. I was spoiled by the stereo I put in my last car, but the wrx setup still disappoints me everytime I turn it on.

    I was either going to get a wrx or an e36 M3, and chose the wrx b/c it'll be more reliable (fewer miles for the same $ too), and a hell of a lot faster with only a few hundred $ invested that won't sacrifice reliability. The M3 is just a much prettier car that handles supremely.
  15. Haha...just noticed now too...that you S13 seat is slanted toward the center pretty bad. Mine were like that when I got mine and it hurt my back, so I got my S14's...lol. And they were all soft and had no support. Damn I hate those seats.
  16. How much are the K20A's going for now?
  17. heres mine... don't think i posted yet. 2000 nissan altima gxe. never had a problem with it yet, so that good, its not a lemon. 87,704 miles.
  18. I finally got my new seat in, its so much better than that broken shit I had before. I also instaled new shocks and struts with tein lowering springs, I would have got coilovers but I got an awesome deal on these and I needed them bad.

    Today I gave it a wash. These pictures were right before I put the new shocks and struts on.
  20. im getting a half cut which includes a dash, type r momo steering wheel and front brakes and suspension for AUD $8,000 fitted. a bit steep, but hey ill basically have a new car and it'll go hard
  21. Well...we're gonna need after pics too...lol.
  22. i was JUST (15 minutes ago) looking at a JDM K20a Type R engine. $7800 CDN

    im torn between an R6 and swapping engines etc in my civic

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