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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by RockaForte, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. im the guy whose been here long enough to know most sc.net members are a bunch of 14 year old inexperienced dipshits who think they got everything figured out. paris hilton doing whatever the #$%# she is doing, as long as its within the confines of law, is completely justified. if you got a problem with someone buying a car you think isnt appropriate for them, you fall right within the description at the beginning of this post.
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    ease of operation and blistering performance are different things, stop confusing yourself. the veyron of today IS easier to live with than, for say, the eldorado of the 70s. both weigh about the same and probably have nearly similar dimensions, but the veyron has every single driving aid you can ask for, and operates FAR FAR safer at any speed than the caddy could ever imagine. so the acceleration is blistering........so what? within legal speeds, the veyron IS by far safer than nearly anything else on the road, simply because of the level of engineering and material usage incorporated into the design.

    dont misquote my shit, i said easier to drive "than most mid to late 20th century family cars", if you want me to get technical, that would be 1950 to circa 1980/90 etc.

    heres a little quote from automobile magazine regarding the driveability and comfort the veyron offers:

    "I can tell you this: The Veyron is so easy to drive, it's hardly exotic, although the leather and polished-aluminum interior looks very, very special. The view from the cockpit is gorgeous. Creased fenders bulge in the periphery of your vision. The left side mirror, unfortunately, is in exactly the wrong spot, obscuring left-hand turns, and you'll become quite attached to the rear-view camera screen. Other than that, there are no supercar anomalies or temper tantrums. The Veyron roars to life with a push of a big, fat button, the ($30,000) radio is startlingly pure, and the windshield wipers work like squeegees. It's a real car, although a bit short on space for cabin essentials, including my ass. There's a flip-out door pocket that can hold a long wallet, a notebook, and a cell phone. The center hump has a depression that will cradle a twenty-ounce drink bottle on its side. That's it."


    ease of operation and capability are two different things. most mainstream supercars these days are more refined, comfortable, reliable and livable than ever, just so that they become more viable options for all the new money out there. if you got a problem with the marketing strategy of these companies, you dont understand this business.
  3. you lack the brains to quote me properly, i called you a keyboard racer. i dont take you seriously enough to consider your opinion. youre annoyed by me because youre full of the mainstream mentality bs yet cant rationalize your retarded viewpoints. if you have anything of substance to add or can use half a brain to make some sense, cool, other than that you should be the one to shut up.

    i like jay leno, but you guys get on your knees and open your mouths every time you hear his name. i disagree with the guy on this one point, if you disagree with me put up a good counter argument, if you cant manage to do that, suck it up.
  4. you dont ride in or on a painting around town, reflecting your status through it to people, but you do with a car. also, not a lot of paintings i know are produced in the hundreds, if not thousands annually.
  5. a COMEDIAN expresses a sentiment that rings very true for most enthusiasts and you're seriously harping on it being totally legal? are you serious? is that your point? talk about silly 14 year olds. hey..thanks for letting us know its perfectly legal for someone to buy a car. deep thoughts by jack cranky. now please STFU.
  6. seriously, think about it...most people shouldnt be allowed to drive at all..

    stick isnt hard, i learned in my best friends truck when i was 14
    people are just too dumb to multi task while driving, that includes talking on the cell phone, eating, and stupid little things like that, its actually pretty pathetic if you ask me
  7. lol, true. i just think its pathetic.
  8. while were on the topic of automatic/manual...

    i was wondering if it is possible to convert an automatic to a manual. if you can, how much would something like that cost?

  9. I didnt think anyone in America knew who robbie williams was
  10. last time i checked hes more than a comedian, more like an icon, or for some of you, the rebirth of christ. everything leno says is agreed on by all the tards on this site. so leno expresses a sentiment which a)cant be rationalized and b)stems from his romanticized and slowly obsolete mentality.

    leno is pissed that the car he payed half a mil for is also driven by paris hilton and not only hardcore car enthusiasts who idolize the piece of machinery and jerk off to it with zymol. youre really trying to make sense, but you still fail to. i said its peoples legal right because thats what it boils down to, not to emphasize that yes, it is legal, moron. is there anything else regulating or even effecting such a choice? is it immoral to buy a supercar if you can afford it? or is it against the rights of enthusiasts, maybe it hurts their feelings?

    so leno has an slr and is pissed the car is not as rare as he thought it would be, nor is every owner like him, having his own fabrication shop and full time crew of 6 professionals in his own house.......whooopdi #$%#in do. exclusivity comes harder these days because more people of previously lower social classes now have the money to buy an slr.
  11. its possible and the cost is dependent on a)if the car was also offered with a manual and b)how much the components cost for your specific car.
  12. I really don't like his show, but I respect Leno's knowlede in Automotive. More so than Clarkson's.
  13. Jay was merely saying that there's a big difference between buying a car for status and buying a car because you appreciate how good it is. How can anyone disagree? BTW, I'm not a fan of Jay Leno and I don't consider him to be a car icon. I merely agree with this opinion.
  14. Amen.
  15. His sentiment can't be rationalized? He was merely expressing his sadness at the realization that supercars and supercar owners are not what they once were. There was a time when owning a supercar was a sign of more than money/prestige, but automotive enthusiasm as well. This is no longer the case, as evidenced by people like Paris Hilton cruising around Beverly Hills in SLRs. He isn't saying supercar ownership should be illegal for non-car enthusiasts. He's just saying the situation is a sad one in his eyes. Hence, he is expressing his SENTIMENT, something that often goes beyond rationality. Durr durr.

    Oh, and BTW, "everything leno says is agreed on by all the tards on this site"? Where the #$%# did you get that? The fact that a lot of us are in agreement with him in this case doesn't make that true. Give it a rest already.
  16. What, exactly, is your argument? That it's the constitutional right of people like Paris Hilton to own supercars? OMFG, WHAT A REVELATION!#[email protected]#[email protected]

    It's your opinion that Jay Leno's point is invalid because, in your eyes, supercars are only products like, say, CDs. It's our opinion that Jay Leno has a very good point because, in our eyes, supercars are more than just very expensive vehicles. They represent something greater than the sum of their parts. You have your opinion. We have ours. Stop acting like either side is going to change the mind(s) of the other, big man.
  17. +1
  18. +1
  19. ummm...btw, you're still harping. STFU.
  20. Thank's for expalining what we're all thinking to this nub.
  21. news flash, things change and there are always people who will #%[email protected] and moan about this change. supercars being available to a broader public will make most supercar owners complain like leno does, because lets face it, he bought the car for its refinement and performance, but also because the car is an extention of who he is.

    "how do you get to the supercar level of ownership without driving a stick? It amazes me"

    by making enough money to afford one. do you have to be special and admired by car enthusiasts for your car knowledge to become a supercar owner? you should be the one giving it a rest. i dont see any of you #%[email protected] about rappers buying custom houses, where they dont understand #$%#all about the design concepts and architectural designs. youre a "car guy", so in your biased head you rationalize your definition of a right and wrong owner of a supercar, or car for that matter.

    "Oh, and BTW, "everything leno says is agreed on by all the tards on this site"? Where the #$%# did you get that?"

    by having read and browsed countless threads made here about the guy and his car collection. if youre denying the fact that many, if not the majority of sc.net members idolize leno, you mustve been living under a rock for the past while.

    "Jay Leno is the man" (quoted five times in this thread)

    "Good read, I love leno."

    maybe that's where i got the idea from.....and these quotes were limited to this thread.

    "people as stupid as paris hilton should not have more then 600 HP"

    damn really? i thought the figure these days for people her intelligence was more around 550hp.

    "people who cant drive a manual shouldn't be allowed to drive"

    yes, because everyone has to fall within your definition of what's required to operate a motor vehicle.

    "seriously, think about it...most people shouldnt be allowed to drive at all..

    stick isnt hard, i learned in my best friends truck when i was 14
    people are just too dumb to multi task while driving, that includes talking on the cell phone, eating, and stupid little things like that, its actually pretty pathetic if you ask me"

    i forgot, the point of holding a drivers license is to master race car driving around a track and not going from point a to b with greater versatility and mobility.

  22. my point is that your "opinion" is an irrational attachment regarding machines. id also point out to you that youre being silly if it were your opinion that jeans should be blue, because theyve always been blue, and that grey or white jeans these days are just sad, senseless and make blue jean wearing people upset about this bastardization of the blue jean.

    you have trouble grasping my point because youre passionate about cars, like most members here, but the fact of matter is that its not sad, nor pathetic for someone, anyone, to buy something that really isnt art, rather engineering breakthroughs(even if that....).

    it would make more sense if you guys were pissed of some run off the mill pop star buying a historic car (former le mans winner for example) and made it street legal and blinged it. a car like that would be more than a machine but would hold historical value, your average slr really doesnt.

    the connection youve fabricated in your mind about supercars being more than the sum of their parts and represent "something greater" is, again, irrational. i think the toilet paper i wipe my ass with represents something greater, so you should wipe yours carefully not to upset my opinion nor to damage the tp.

    my initial response in this thread wasnt aimed directly at bashing leno, i voiced my opinion being completely aware that all the kids here who jack off to cars late at night will have their blood boiling.

    and then it escalated expectedly, because i made a general statement about a very idiotic comment that "people as stupid as paris hilton should not have more then 600 HP". the whole constitutional right comment was squarely aimed to be as overboard as the quote it responded to, no #$%#in shit its their constitutional right, or do you think i meant that with the serious intent of informing people that yes, it is her constitutional right, hear ye hear ye.

    "Stop acting like either side is going to change the mind(s) of the other, big man."

    im not trying to change anyones mind, i used to be your age (well, not sure how old you are but im speaking generally) and know very well youd rather argue your standpoint to death than show an ounce of agreement. what i do expect, however, is to raise a tiny bit of awareness in those who are capable of seeing the antithesis to lenos thesis, even if they dont voice this realization.

    i wonder what chris v would say about this discussion, theres an opinion i would pay attention to.
  23. can someone please ban this guy?
  24. You're worse than he is. 962racer is awesome he's just in the middle of a #$%# up.
  25. how am i worse?? i dont go on and on about nothing at all..

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