jay leno owns one

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  1. its a concept but i know he owns one. I read it in parade magazine in the sunday paper once.
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    i hate leno, that bastard owns ALL of the sickest cars I.E. Mclaren f1, saleen s7, ferrari F50 ETC... godamn him
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    Sickest? Those are some of the best pieces of Automotive art ever created. Plus they could all tear up your NSX.
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    dont hate, appreceate.
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    On ebay I seen him selling a $200,000 USD Ninja Bike, I never knew he had A Saleen s7, ferrari F50, McLaren f1, are you sure? does anyone know how many McLarens are in North America?
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    jay leno kicks ass

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    jay leno owns one

    Why would Ford sell their PROTOTYPE to Jay Leno? Blah! You're a liar!
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    His show is great.... but why does he have those cars and not me????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. ...because he's rich, and has a top ranking talk show. You don't.
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    I don't think Jay Leno owns one. If he does, then he has the nonfunctional one. Only 2 were built, one fully functional and one nonfunctional that toured the auto shows.

    The functional one is owned by Jack Roush in Michigan, seen here:


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