JDM Hotness

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by catphish, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Look at the size of the guy driving it, ahahah
    The side looks all dented up, and the hood doesn't fit.
  2. I've never known why people like Integra's. They're not pretty.

    A JDM Datsun 510 would float my boat.
  3. Faster than you son.
  4. OK buddy, so you don't know.
  5. That's definitely not a guy.
  6. It's an Acura and LHD.
  7. I like Integra's...

    But this is pathetic....
  8. Look at that camber. I hate JDM stuff. no taste whatsoever.
  10. Plus, it's only 4 seats, and a piece of junk.
  11. That's pretty much 100% USDM
  12. Except for the whole wheels, fitment, and camber. I bet you never even belonged to a violent running tribe
  13. Save for the camber and the intense lowering, that's one clean Integra.
  14. Having only half the width of your tires wear out because of the excessive camber and an inability of the car to track a straight line down the road is cool, yo.
  15. you know whats hot? being able to clear an ant hill without ruining your plastic body kit is hot
  16. Hot, but not JDM.
  17. Id rather have this integra! RWD/Mid engined

  18. its like polishing a turd with vomit
  19. Quit posting shitty cars
  20. You clearly aren't into the Japanese car scene

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