JDM yo.

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  1. Those are some clean imports, I didnt know that existed. Most of em are so nigged up that its not even funny.
  2. Dam, is that an old Skyline, or Laurel, or Leopard by any chance?
  3. Pretty clean cars. Looks like a fun time.
  5. S2000 with ITBs makes me hard.
  6. That my friend is an R30 Iron Mask (skyline)
    Laurels of that era are 4 door saloons only
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    LOL... for your viewing pleasure:
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    Everytime I see that video I laugh when the guys says Cusco, but cry when I hear the car go, especially when he lets off that throttle. [email protected]#$%
  9. ^^ On my S2K I had an Injen CAI and it was an entirely different sound. Not a bad one, but ITBs add an entirely different element.. drooooool
  10. Do you still have the S2k?

    My friend has a AE86 with ITBs, but it didn't sound nearly as good as that S2k.
  11. Anybody know what kind of car this is? OLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
  12. Nissan 510
  13. Sold it about two years ago. Rolling the G35 Coupe these days (which is for sale if anyones interested :-D) Days like yesterday make me miss it though. My buddy got an '07 silverstone last spring which makes me miss mine even more now that I see his all the time. I had an '01 AP1 and my only complaint about it was my plastic rear window. Otherwise, its the best car I've ever owned by far.
  14. those bimmers are awesome
  15. Supermade Instant Gentleman body kit.
  16. stop eating burgers murika, there's not one healthy person in those pics save for the models, its disgusting.
  17. We worship cows by eating them. Do not oppress us.
  18. jeeeeez thats niceee!
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