Jeep to unveil Renegade subcompact SUV

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  1. Quote from;

    Jeep to unveil Italy-built Renegade subcompact SUV

    Jennifer Clark
    Automotive News Europe
    March 3, 2014 06:01 CET

    GENEVA -- Jeep tomorrow will unveil its new Renegade subcompact SUV.

    The name and pictures of the SUV were leaked on Sunday by a U.S.-based Web site ahead of Jeep's Tuesday embargo. Multiple media outlets have posted photos and details about the model today.

    The Renegade is key to parent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' ambitious global growth plans for the iconic off-road brand. It has the traditional boxy Jeep look with a prominent grille and trapezoidal wheel openings.

    The Renegade is "designed in America and built in Italy," Jeep said in a statement.

    Built on Fiat's "small wide" platform, the "baby Jeep" will be sold only with four-wheel drive, including a Trailhawk Trail Rated version, and will offer both gasoline and diesel engines.

    The Renegade interior is "robust and lively," the company said, "in keeping with Jeep heritage," and comes equipped with voice-activated 5-inch or 6.5-inch touchscreen.

    It will be the first small SUV to offer a nine-speed automatic transmission, Jeep said. An open air version will also be offered.

    The company did not reveal price or any technical specifications other than to say that its diesel MultiJet II and gasoline MultiAir engines will be made in Italy, the United States and Brazil.

    The Renegade is key to Jeep's target of selling 1 million vehicles worldwide this year, up 37 percent from a record 731,565 last year. The model arrives at a time when Europeans are snapping up smaller SUVs despite weak car sales and many U.S. customers are looking to downsize into smaller SUVs.

    The Renegade will be built at Fiat's plant in Melfi, central Italy, alongside Fiat brand's sibling model, the 500X.

    The Jeep version will go on sale in Europe in the summer and in the United States late this year, while the 500X will be unveiled at the Paris show in October and appear in European dealerships by year end, and in spring 2015 in the United States.

    The company has not released sales targets, but supplier sources have told Automotive News Europe that Fiat and Jeep plan annual production of up to 280,000 units of the two models. Jeep's volume will be about 150,000, while Fiat's version will account for 130,000 units.

    In Europe, the Renegade and the 500X will compete against small crossovers such as the Nissan Juke, the segment's leader, Opel/Vauxhall Mokka, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur.

    The Renegade comes to market just as European car sales are starting to recover from their six-year slump and amid a dearth of product for Fiat, Jeep's owner. Automotive consultancy IHS forecasts subcompact SUV sales of 640,000 units in western Europe this year, up from 550,000 in 2013 and 345,000 units in 2012.

    The Renegade is the second Jeep to be built on a Fiat platform after the new Cherokee mid-sized SUV launched last year.
  2. hah


    the best thing about this is that i didn't read anything before opening the picture, and the first thing i thought was that it looked like a fiat 500L - aparrently they didn't do a very good job of hiding that fact
  3. Oh god

    instead of the US getting Alfas after the merger we get this shit?

    #$%# you fiat
  4. honestly, i friggin love it.

    I don't care what you guys say. I would seriously consider buying one.
  5. It gets AA's stamp of approval

    the car is shit then
  6. it's #$%#ing awesome.

    the packaging is awesome.
  7. Looks like it was built in India.
  8. Looks like it was meant to be a countryman competitor.

    Also, why are its tires glowing even though they should be in shadows?
  9. this is the real reason they bought chrysler
  10. I'd rather have a Kia Soul
  11. I...kinda agree with AA on this one, despite the fact that the grille looks to be too high up and strangely pushed forward. Still, I like it better stylistically than that god-awful Cherokee. #$%# YOU, JEEP.
  12. The Renegade is "designed in America and built in Italy," Jeep said in a statement.

    oh god
  13. is this basically a Panda? I only skimmed the article
  14. hahaha
  15. so it'll be no worse for wear after the fire.
  16. ...using british parts

    this way when it catches on fire the door will fall off and you can jump out
  17. there are underpinnings there, but I don't think you can say anything that will apply to the panda will apply to this..

    I love it, I think it looks fun. Not too keen on a 9 spd automatic, hopefully it comes with a 6-spd stick as well.. I can't imagine what the mechanics will say 8 or 9 years on if that trans were to fail. I might want to look into buying a new car. D:

    honestly though, I'm really glad this is jeep branded. If the 4x4 500 or 4x4 panda came to usa, you just know it would start at 23k. that's a non-starter for me. I can see this starting at 18 or 19k.
  18. that with the trucks and the north American dealer network.

    also all jeeps use GM transaxles.
  19. Funny how the "baby Jeep" is basically the same size as the XJ Cherokee. It's amazing how small the XJ is by modern standards, really. I always notice how my Jeep is smaller than minivans, crossovers, sedans, etc. For example, the 500L is only 4" shorter in length, 3" wider and 1.5" taller than my XJ.
  20. it's a rebodied one of these

    funnily enough, these cars are one of the rare few that look better in pictures than they do in real life. they are properly horrible and ungainly in real.
  21. Agree. The cherokee is worse than this in my opinion.
  22. yeah they're terrible

    I like the advertisements for them in the US, where they're all like "wtf Fiat doesn't make 4-door cars"

    they need to import the Bravo or the Panda and stop being stupid
  24. Cute Nissan Cube
  25. nah man, the Cube is way cooler than this.

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