Jeez, that's ugly

Discussion in '2009 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept' started by limegut, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I honestly hope that this car does not EVER appear anywhere EVER again on Internet, video, Transformers, and That THING is too ugly.
  2. I second that
  3. I second that +1
  4. All of you need to have your brains examined, if anyone can ever find them. Go die.
  5. no freaking way its ugly. this is a concept at its best. that thing looks so damn amazing. it has so much presence. "It's a lean,mean, killing machine."
  6. It doesn't look like a Corvette anymore. The shape is too futuristic, and what the f*** happened to the four round taillights!?
  7. this is a stingray at its best!! i cant believe how you dont like it! a stingray was never ment to be just like your normal vette. it is supposed to be an extravagantbody design not like any other vette. and besides its the time for the new body change. follow corvette history. hope to god this is the next stingray. unbelievably beautiful. only reason why i watched transformers was to see this.....besides who the f*** was this car in the movie?
  8. yeah it is and a hybrid corvette what the heck is up with that.

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