Jeremy Clarkson wrecks a GT3! R8 vs. GT3!

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    There's nothing more thrilling than getting something done and thinking that you've done one fantastic job doing it. In fact, about the only thing better than that is having other people come up and tell you how wonderful you are for having done what you just did.

    That's right, I'm talking about stroking your own ego. And whenever I talk about egos, you know there's a Jeremy Clarkson video being featured. Because no one knows how to stroke his own ego better than Clarkson.

    We should all learn from him.

    Two of my favorite cars right now are the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 GT3. And when it comes to great drivers, Sabine Schmitz of Nürburgring Taxi fame is among those I admire most. So this video swiped from Top Gear has a lot going for it before even mentioning Jeremy Clarkson.

    But among the many delicacies and delights of this clip, none is more delicious or delightful than watching Clarkson cram a GT3 into a dirt berm. Yep, I like watching the mighty and mightily self-impressed screw up. Big time.

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    ugh, are they retarded?


    here's a bunch of interesting top gear videos, then:

  3. repost but still a great vid
  4. This is footage from over half a year ago and it's not from Top Gear, but from Clarkson's Supercar Showdown DVD.
  5. Yeah, we know edmunds doesn't like Clarkson
    And we know edmunds sucks at doing research
  6. And Clarkson quite often mentions his lack of prowess behind the wheel. In fact his self deprecating humour, his LACK of apparent ego is a large part of his act.
  7. That chick needs to shut the #$%# up.
  8. and yes, she's the most annoying person on the planet
  9. no that's vicky the viking.
  10. top gear supercars tests almost always show him losing it in a massive cloud of smoke.

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