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  1. really picked up after the holiday break.

    I think they took all the criticism about the show moving too slow and decided to ramp things up to keep people interested.
  2. I actually liked the slow-moving thing, something different then all the rapid-changing series of today.
    But this episode was intersting, as we finally saw stuff about the characters background and stuff about the nukes..
  3. My favorite mainstream show on television.
  4. ya i didn't mind the slow-ness but i was afraid it would get cancelled if the typically short attention span american television viewer lost interest and moved on to more reality tv shows.
  5. Is it like Alas Babylon in television form?
  6. I thought this thread was about guns.
  7. i dunno

    Jericho is just a show about the people of some small town. This guy returns to his old small town with a troubled and mysterious past (much of which was revealed in the latest episode) and you get introduced to a lot of characters, then as he's about to leave town a nuke goes off in Colorado or whatever the nearby major US city is, and this show chronicles how the people of this small town deal with the crisis and all their existing problems.

    The latest episode also revealed a bit more about how the nukes got into the 2 dozen major US cities.
  8. One of the best show on tv with heroes and 24.

    I love the rythm of the show. I don't think it is slow, it is just a drama and not a action show.

    Some of the episodes are simply briliant. Like the first one and the 5-6. Even if the episode is not that great there is a good scene in it. Like the bridge scene, it was so tense.
  9. Heroes, Jericho, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis are the shows I follow.
  10. I liked it alot when they had no idea what was going on in the outside world and suddenly Chinese aircraft start dropping Chinese supplies.

    I would prefer if knowledge of the outside world remained as fuzzy as possible, they should keep the town in the dark.
  11. +1 The chinese aicraft + the news + the food drops was nice.

    The minuteman shooting was pretty nice too.

    Don't forget the whole hospital part too

    Post apocalyptic stories are so nice.
  12. I follow no TV shows, I'm I normal?
  13. Ya the best part about this show is how this isolated town is pretty much in the dark as to what the heck is going on. They get a very brief satellite broadcast with a Chinese anchor man showing a map of US cities that were nuked, then Chinese planes drop Chinese aid using US parachutes, and they all get mega confused.
  14. no Chris Jerichno No care.
  15. exactly
  16. seriously a good show though, only 12 episodes so far in season 1

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