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  1. 393.71mph in 1939. For this, you Veyron lover's should be ashamed. SEVENTY YEARS AGO, someone could create this, and the Bugatti can only manage 253? Pathetic.
  2. And you failed to realize this is a random race car vs luxury GT.

    Put it this way:

    Would you rather go down Niagra falls in a steel barrel or a luxury yacht?
  3. UM...He's pointing out to all the Veyron enthusiasts out there, that in 1939 Daimler-Benz put out this for the Top Speed record. So I've got to agree with him on this, why hasn't anyone or any company tried there hands at the real record holder???

    Oh...yeah...It was done on BICYCLE-like (in the width department) tires no less!! Which means it wouldn't have turned for sh*t, though. But impressive and amazing feat for 1939, nonetheless!

    Oh...yeah that was during WWII (you know with Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany) to proof just how powerful he and his regime were back then.
  4. I dunno what this car is doing here... its a land speed record car like thrust SSC.

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