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  1. either way I'm totally stealing this
  2. How?

    How do you starve a black man?
    Oh, never mind wrong thread.
  3. Everybody had their numbers on their wrist.

    You're supposed to tell it in person and when asked "how", you throw a number, point at your wrist and say "Bingo!" or "I have that number!".
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  4. good work on step one, gathering the members together in one thread. now let's pass out the yellow pieces of flair
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  5. There are rumors about some Jew gold on one of the sides, but fittingly, the war took it all.
  6. It didn't disappear, it just turned into Nazi gold!
  7. It's was supposed to be somewhere in the Italian side of the family, and it supposedly paid my grandma's brothers way out of the army.
  8. My grandparents house have a secret basement where jews were kept during ww2. I found a newspaper dating 1942. Pretty cool.
  9. Palmach/early IDF.
  10. Lolwhy

    Those guys kicked butt
  11. Imagine this:
    You just ran away from murderous nazis and ended up in the newly established State of Israel. The place is a bad mix of deserted desert and swampy hills. Cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are there, but are utter shit (they lived in Haifa though. But that was more of the same). After all of that, you're now forced into an army that barely exists to fight another war over some hills and against a type of people you never knew existed.
    Then you have some Jew gold and a pretty nice Italian branch of the family, which happens to be Christian so they're not affected by the war much.
  12. I'd continue the cycle of being murderous and channel my anger by killing some A-rabs
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  13. Really enjoyed your posts IdoL, great stories. How do Jews & Israelis feel now about Germans? Is there a lot of grudge against them? Seems to me there isn't really any.
  14. so I'm not a jew but can I post here?
  15. There's some grudge within Holocaust survivors, but little to none among the rest of us. And there aren't a lot of survivors left...
  16. Yes, because Jews don't discriminate!
    Here, have some gefilte fish.
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  17. thanks! 1 star for you!
  18. Apparently I'm the only Jew with stories.
    It's regular Memorial Day tomorrow and the next day, but luckily I don't have any personal stories regarding that.
  19. we all hope you'll be able to celebrate in peace
  20. seems like the kind of activity that really makes you feel alive
    tribal warfare is a human tradition
  21. Now it's independence day.
  22. Bimp

    Ok... so you know how after the war there were these city-dwelling Germans who claimed that they didn't know anything bad happened to any Jews? They are all full of shit!

    How could one not notice Kristallnacht? It's wasn't really what one would call a "subtle event". Over 1000 synagogues burned in Vienna alone. In Berlin the sky was reportedly black from smoke for 3 days.

    Nor are the written messages that ambiguous:


    It says: Bei Wegwaschung, Urlaub in Dachau

    Meaning that if the shop owner washes the insults away, he will have a holiday in Dachau. With a picture of a hanged jew. Doesn't leave much room for interpretation, this message, does it? This was sometime around Kristallnacht. Similar and worse graffiti were displayed all over Germany & Austria even before Kristallnacht.

    The funniest thing is that after the shooting of vom Rath, the Völkischer Beobachter (NSDAP party magazine) urged people to take vengeance. After the violence had settled and officially 91, unofficially hundreds or even thousands of jews had lost their lives, with many more to kill themselves in the coming weeks and ~30 000 deported to concentration camps never to return, the same c*nt magazine had the fucking audacity to claim that "not a single hair had been touched on a Jewish head(Source: Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust by Andreas Musolff) ". (Because they got a bad rep in foreign press, even in Mussolini's Italy due to the appalling violence).
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  23. And then we have these c*nts who claim that the whole holocaust thing never happened, despite the absolutely overwhelming amounts of evidence to the contrary.

    They are a special kind of asshole and deserve a location in the foulest pits of hell. I can't even begin to describe how much that kind of person pisses me off.

    Eisenhower said that: “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the track of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”

    Well he was a wise man.
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  24. So where is all this coming from right now?

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