Jiotto Caspita 2.0 Yatabe high speed run

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  1. Hi ! After few years of break i am back like Michael Jordan in 1995 :)

    Have you seen it already ?

    Engine - F1 Judd GV - V10
    577 hp@10,750 rpm
    ft·lbf (384 N·m)@10,500 rpm
    1240 kg
    0-100 - 3.4 sec

    Jiotto and F40 and i dont ned anything more :)
    ps. Nice engine sound isnt it ? :)

  2. Judd makes some absolutely ballistic sounding engines. The hillclimb cars with V8s in are absolutely mental.

    This looks a bit like an XJ220/Isdera Commendatore 112i, at least from the front.

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/Toyota Sera doors.
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  3. My balls would retract to my intestines being that close to the wall at that speed while almost sideways.
  4. According to Wikipedia, the prototype car (apparently not the one in the videos) was powered by our famous Subaru (Motori Moderni) flat-12.
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  5. I remember this from need for speed 2 as well. Very cool
  6. I think you're thinking of the Isdera Commendatore 112i

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  7. Need for speed 2 SE I thought had them both. The commendatore is one of my favorite cars of all time because of that game.
    It may have been one of the old Test drive games I'm thinking of.

    Edit: I just looked it up. It was Automodellista
  8. Yeah I had SE and didn't remember the Jiotto being in there
  9. wow, it was amazing sound and great look and style it have,thanks for the post.
  10. I just found a full VHS Overview

    Enjoy :)
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