John Reed racing 1350whp Gallardo

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    "The World’s Fastest Lamborghini has returned to the west coast and stopped by Portland Speed Industries. After having a twin turbo setup installed by Underground Racing. The tuning was handled by John Reed of John Reed Racing.

    This Gallardo makes 1000+ whp on pump gas with no meth and 1350 whp on race gas. With an AWD platform, “this car is the new benchmark for usable power”, says Jason Oefelein.

    At the drags, it ran a 9.1 @ 169 mph on drag radials."
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  3. I'm a little confused myself at how one dude says AWD platform, yet some vids show a rwd car. Guessing they have more than one? PSI has an AWD dyno, so I'm guessing they took the awd one there.
  4. nice way to ruin a car.
  5. any mods are for ricers
  6. I would make much more use of this car if it were stock.

    But I suppose it's a good option if you live on the drag strip and doesn't want to make a cloud of smoke out of the line.
  7. I'm glad someone is doing it, these are horribly underpowered from the factory.
  8. only ron simmons care
  9. wow, sounds #$%#ing intense
  10. 1350 whp, drag wheels, and only a 9.1?
  11. ya thought the mericans were good at this shit
  12. It was done on street tires, Toyo Proxes R888's to be exact
  13. R888s arent exactly "street tires". Theyre R comps.
  14. thats a UGR car..not a John reed car..John reed does the Motec work for UGR.

    also, thats the old package. The new "R"'s are even faster/more powerful.

    also..this is old, i posted this a couple of months ago.
  15. I've yet to work with motec. I'm playing around with AEM right now. Its amazing what kind of power you can have over a car.
  16. ya know,i usually dont like when they modify good cars, but this is pretty cool
  17. They are street legal, which slicks definitely aren't. This is irregardless of the fact that they are sticky as all hell track r comps
  18. "irregardless" is a double negative and incorrect.

    the "ir" part is redundant, since the word "regardless" already means without regard.

    saying "irregardless" is like saying "without without regard", and therefore makes you look like some backwoods inbred hillbilly.
  19. Thanks for the spelling/grammar lesson, trust me, I'm not usually this inept. It's the fact that I've had a total of 6 hours of sleep for the past week, seriously (5 days of the week were all nighters), been dead tired like whoa. Correction, disregard my spelling mistake and replace it "REGARDLESS"
  20. i are teh good spellar!!!1
  21. R comps aimed at handling, though. I'm sure the compound for drag radials is different.
  22. totally true, but theyre still pretty sticky.

    The construction of drag radials is very different than that of tires made for turning. They use sidewalls that give a lot of longitudinal windup (ie the hub spins a good bit before the tire spins). Because of the dynamics of launching a car and how there is a huge, temporary spike in traction while winding up the tire, they give them torsionally very soft sidewalls. As for tread compound, im sure its different, but thats not the big reason for the performance difference.

    and to a previous poster, there are slicks that are street legal, technically. many hoosiers are, many mickey Ts are too prolly, etc.

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