Join drunk Hippo

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by HippoCrushEverything, May 5, 2016.

  1. In Animal Cage/ Drunk Tank/ SHOUTBOX

    for sexy fun time
  2. wat double post..

    delete the other thread
  3. i wish i was drunk
  4. God is punishing me for getting drTunk @ 3 pm
  5. Just woke up. Still tdrubk. Today is going to **** me.
  6. Have some vodak, it will cure your prolems
  7. Sport.jpg Tomorrow, I think I'm going to drink a block of Emu Export.
  8. What happen to the sexy time?
  9. i only drink socially and this doesnt count
  10. Save a can for me.
  11. No need! You can simulate the wonderful taste of Emu Export by pissing in a cup, and then drinking it.

    Add a slice of lemon, and you got yourself a "Geraldton Corona".

    (Geraldton is a horrible place)
  12. I accept no substitutes.
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  13. I swear officer, I only had one beer IMG_20160505_185141.jpg
  14. There wasn't anyone online so I left
  15. So it happens that I have another bottle of VODAK

    And I'm doing it again in 24 hours (whatever STD)

    Plz join drunk hippo in animal cage
  16. I picked up some wodka just for u wodka.jpg
  17. Hooker pricing?
  18. Yeah but don't worry, it's escort quality
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  19. Wow nice!!!!

    Let's do this tomorrow.
  20. pretty vin'd up now
    and that's just on vin diesel

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