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  1. A post office in San Mateo was named after the late congressman Leo Ryan yesterday.
  2. they should have let christine talk more, she was making sense... but jim and that other woman were being stupid.
  3. The sound at the very end is so <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  4. and purple.
  5. the music?
  6. isnt jim jones a rapper?
  7. that's mike jones.
  8. jim jones ni99a
  9. the tv doco is on now but ive missed the start, so cbf.

    was it some cult thingy?
  11. Spooky stuff
  12. no he didn't, can it.

    also, jim jones jrs kid used to be friends with my neighbors, weird
  13. Who didn't? Hitler?
  14. spot on
  15. No, his followers are free thinkers who are not swayed by media bias or the bandwagon. They don't believe what big business tells them or what the gov't says because they think outside the box. Just ask any of his worshipers.....
  16. OF COURSE: Jim Jones = Hitler = Obama

    and Al Qaeda says Obama is an Uncle Tom, so it must be true.
  17. Because that was the point.
  18. Yeah I mean Hitler was democratically elected AND he had a white mother. What more similarities do you need?
  19. why did they record this
  20. they recorded all their meetings
  22. i'm with 944turb0 on this one. If they were that stupid, it's hard to get much sympathy from me.

    obviously the kids were a different story. the other sad thing is that without them, people purchased a lot less crap from infomercials i bet.
  23. He's a great orator with a huge following and mad influence over his people. You're so stupid.
  24. you already know, YOU already KNOWWWWWWWWWWWW

    His grandson plays basketball of the university of san diego.
  25. But they werent stupid, they were idealistic, maybe a bit gullible, but not stupid. They came to this colony to start a Utopian civilization. By the time Jim Jones started showing his crazy they were already there and couldnt leave. At that point they were held there by force.

    Though after listening to that recording, there were alot of people speaking how they were in support of taking their own lives. I wish it were a video so we could see the reactions on the other people's faces.

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