Joss Supercar - ties severed with primary investor

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    Joss Supercar dream hit hard as ties severed with primary investor

    Australia’s Joss Supercar appears to have hit yet another roadblock with the brand’s marquee investor, The Hatzimihail Group, pulling out of the program.

    Late last year Joss announced a major investment – which was said to be about $35 million – to help make the JP1 supercar a production reality, as well as see the 17-year-old company listed on the stock market.

    But an announcement from Joss today confirmed the deal with the lighting technology company had fallen through.

    “Australian supercar manufacturer Joss Developments Pty Ltd today announced that it is no longer involved with The Hatzimihail Group,” the statement read. “This decision was difficult, but necessary.”

    Joss technical director Matt Thomas indicated the period since announcing the investment had been tumultuous.

    “Despite the complexity of the past six months, Joss is proud that we are steadfast in our objective and looking forward to bringing Australia its first ever supercar,” he said.

    Thomas told CarAdvice that the dream isn’t over yet.

    “Joss has some interesting possibilities that we are currently investigating, we are passionate about bringing a high tech vehicle to the Australian market.”

    Joss is now looking to “secure the required funding to develop its evolved version of the Joss JP1″, which was slated to launch later this year.

    The JP1 was set to be initially built for track racing purposes only, with a claimed 0-100km/h time for the 5.0-litre V8 coupe slated at 2.8 seconds. Other headline grabbing numbers included a sub-10.5sec quarter mile and a top speed of about 340km/h.

    The car was set to start at $600,000.
  2. LMAO, it's cute you post these stories as if would ever actually happen
  3. lol i gave up on this car a long time ago

    i post these stories because they are hilarious

    tune in next week when Joss announces their Kickstarter 2.0 plan! This time they are asking for eleventy billion dollars!!1!
  4. they've been flogging a dead horse for at least 5 years
  5. Its about time for another redesign? Maybe they should hire the ClearSliders designer. Might bring more people on board.
  6. At least 10.
    2004 was when it was unveiled.
  7. They were going to use a tuned 5.0 litre Holden engine (from the 90's) back when it first announced weren't they?

    I actually saw a development version of this car on the road once about 7 years ago. Or at least I assumed it was this car.
  8. ill give the creator credit for being persistent

    once i finish laughing
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  9. Surely at some point you'd just give up wouldn't you?
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  10. Is the "primary investor" the original primary investor - i.e. they've been ploughing money into this heap for 10 years and haven't seen anything from it?

    I'd have pulled the plug 8 years ago.
  11. Remember when it was in Forza? Probably the only way anyone will ever experience it.
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  12. Unfortunately i do.
  13. such a great car on Forza. the closest Joss was to having their car track ready.
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  14. ajzahn laughs from inside the cabin of his artega gt.
  15. Joss releases an update on its supercar... what's that noise? Oh, it's just the crickets chirping.
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  16. It's funny because I get this reference.
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