JPM: "bad season not my fault"

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  1. With two grands prix to go, Juan Pablo Montoya has targeted beating future team McLaren to fourth place in the constructors' championship. The Colombian driver would also like to move clear of Jarno Trulli in the drivers' chase, and curb a four point deficit to Renault's Fernando Alonso for fourth. "It's not going to be easy," he said at Suzuka on Thursday, "because we're scoring just three, four points here and there."

    Montoya, 29, has not won a race in the final of a four-year stint at BMW-Williams. He blames the latter. "We finished 2003 really well," said JPM, "so we were really expecting it to be our year - but it took so, so long to develop the car. It has definitely been frustrating."

    Off to McLaren at Christmas, Juan Pablo dismissed a suggestion that Williams' problems in 2004 were not helped by the car component that sits between the steering wheel and the fuel tank. He replied: "I've won races, Williams have won races, you're going for the championship -- but suddenly you're nowhere. I think that says it all, really."
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  5. JPM: "bad season not my fault"

    No, it was the guy who broke his fcking head.
  6. hahahaha, you make me feel like posting that vid again!
  7. please do, i missed it.
  8. Yes, I defin still need to put it on my drive as well if you post it
  9. please do, i missed it.
  10. please do, i missed it.
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  12. he has pretty bad working ethic IMO, when he knows he is leaving Williams way early this season, he basically stop trying....

    BTW that vid is classic...
  13. Thanks for making me watch that video again, it just made my day.....
  14. HAHAHAHAHA, awesome
  15. HAHAHAHA flippin awesome!

    anyway JPM should be able to clear Jarno now that he's in a shite car..
  16. oi reek hat d u think kimmi will say to jpm when he smashes into him next love to hear his respone in a press conference.........hahaha.
  17. The basic problem of BMW was their lack of vision

    Who the hell employes a colombian to drive and doesn't stach cocaine in the car? No wonder he wasan't quick, he wasn't motivated!
  18. lol..............hahahahaha, a bit harsh.......but gold.
  19. If JPM smashes into Kimi, Kimi will say "We have some problem"
  20. Hahahaha nice one
  21. he'd say "yes... it's not good... yes...."
  22. Haha, look at Monty's face. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  23. lol........monty aint look happy
  24. Thanks I will for ever treasure this movie.

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