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    Almost seven months ago, the supercar Ultimate Aero SSC built by Shelby Supercars defeated the speed world record set by the Bugatti Veyron, reaching 411.76 km/h, 5 km more than the previous record. Naturally, this thing annoyed the people at Bugatti.

    Until the French built a faster version, a Japanese tuner has created the fastest Veyron ever, hoping to win back the title of world’s fastest car.

    We’re talking about the first private tunning that was applied to the most expensive car in the world by the Japanese tuner JUN. After the modifications were made, the car has 1413 Hp and reaches 500 km/h.

    The first attempt to break the world record set by the Ultimate Aero SSC will take place on the 7th of April and, even if the JUN Bugatti Veyron doesn’t reach 500km/h, engineers are convinced that it will go over 411 km/h.


    did we miss something or did nobody give a damn about this?
  2. Would appear to be a photoshop... but is JUN really building one? No idea.
  3. what a joke.
  5. Cool if it's true, unsurprising if its not.
  7. shitty pshop, and no company would say that their car could go 500 km/h with only 400 more hp.

    edit: tbh more like only 300 more hp.
  8. JUN YOC
  9. tbh it's like stock lol
  10. yea, looks lucid to me as well, but when I was browsing Youtube, the words JUN Veyron 500kmph caught my eye.... since most of u guys here know much much more than me, i'd thought you ppl could shed some light on this.
  11. It looks like total and utter bullshit, if it turns out to be true I'll eat my ass hair.
  12. They must be drinking to much rice wine.
  13. Real? anyone see pics of a real car yet?
  14. It will be forgotten about in 8 months when they are supposed to test it
  15. I doubt they're going to reach their goal if part of their plan involves sticking a huge wing on the back.
  16. Assuming the actual power output of the veyron is around 1100hp, as it is rumored to be, tit would take ~756 hp MORE hp to reach 300mph from 252mph.
  17. that veyron looks brillient, even better in white or black
  18. this is how you make a Veyron go 500.

    Step 1 - Take engine.
    Step 2 - Shed everything.
    Step 3 - ???
    Step 4 - Profit!!!
  19. Nah they just added Vtech yo.
  21. isn't the JUN Supra the fastest japenese car?
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    According to the Wikipedia....

    "In 1990 JUN attended the Bonneville Speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats (see also Bonneville Speedway) with a Z32 Nissan 300ZX they had extensively modified. JUN was able to record a speed of 373 km/h. This was a world-record for a “road”-going car.

    JUN returned a year later with the intent of improving on their world record. This time they used a JUN-Blitz Z32 300ZX. In the E/BMS class, JUN set a record 419.84 km/h (260.35MPH), becoming world champions[citation needed]. This record remains unbroken.[citation needed]"


    Cant find any better sources, sorry... <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  23. Photoshop taken from their Land speed Supra...

    Google it!
  24. well they first take about 1000 kg of leather and other useless material outta that car

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