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    I'm bored. Let's talk about dinosaurs.

    I'm going to see Fallen Kingdom. The previous film was pretty good.

    By the way my favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus, the coolest looking in my opinion, followed by Triceratops and Brachiosaurus. Let me know what your favorite dinosaur is.

    That fight in JP3 was fun but in reality it would be the other way around. A real Spinosaurus, despite being something like 15% larger than a real T-Rex, would get ripped to shreds it ever tried to pick a fight with a T-Rex (it won't, because they lived in different times)

  2. I don't have a favorite dinosaur but for a moment there I looked out the window onto the city and imagined what it would be like if we still had dinosaurs roaming. I think I imagined a Diplodocus but honestly that could be because I don't remember a lot of dinosaur brands.
  3. My totes fave dinosaur

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  4. dinosaurs had feathers you guys.
  5. Not all of them.
  6. The carnivorous ones (Theropods) did. The bigger ones have less feathers so they won't overheat in warm climates.

    Modern birds are also Theropods by the way. T-Rex has more in common with chicken than with any reptiles alive today.
  7. I only liked the o.g. Jurassic Park. All the others ones are complete garbage imo. The trailer of the new one looks horrible as well.
  8. I like the new ones better. The originals are complete garbage.
  9. i think people are just afraid to rewrite their childhood dinosaur fantasies over with oversized crows and ostriches and chickens

    sorry suckers, real life doesnt care about your feelings
  10. He's gorgeous and you're just jealous.
  11. Yea but I recall Lost World being decent. As a kid I especially liked that scene when the RV or whatever falls off the cliff and and the lady is cracking the back glass with her hand as she slides it around.
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  12. Watched fallen kingdom. It wasnt good. But it wasnt terrible.

    Spoiler alert

    It was basically the exact same movie as the last one just based in a different location.
    Leaves it open to a ton of new movies. But it's one of those movies that's entertaining but needs you to absolutely turn off your brain.
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  13. Even without the fluffiness, T-Rex still looks like a cartoon character. With head looking extremely large relative to its body size, and arm looks extremely tiny relative to its body size.

    And unlike most large Theropods, T-Rex eyes face forward instead of sideways, which give excellent vision with good depth perception, but somehow makes it look less threatening, maybe because it makes the animal look more like a person and less like a reptile.

    The Giganotosaurus looks similar to T-Rex, but looks more scary due to its eyes facing sideways, giving it a more vicious and reptilian look. But T-Rex is a far more deadly animal than Giganotosaurus, due to its more muscular body, much bigger teeth, and far stronger jaw muscle. And the T-Rex is much smarter too.
  14. Fake news.
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  15. Russians does not like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  16. Real T Rex
    Others are just mirin' and hatin'.
  17. do you guys think sjws could ruin jurassic park
  18. Of course. T Rex will identify as an Epidexipteryx or some shit. Meanwhile the raptors will start a #metoo movement because the pterodactyl exposed himself to them. Finally, they will all die at the end due to man made climate change.
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  19. The T-Rex that is featured in Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and Fallen Kingdom is female. And she is giving male characters a lot of trouble.

    Fits perfectly into the SJW narrative of strong female characters making fools out of weak male characters.

  20. oh of course a powerful female character is considered a 'monster'
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  21. oh of course a powerful female character is considered a 'monster'
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    I went to see Fallen Kingdom yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

    In terms of story, it is about as good as the previous film in 2015. Overall not a stellar film like Interstellar (my personal favorite among films in recent years), but it is definitely as good if not better than any other film I had seen in the past five years.

    There was one really sad scene in the first half of the film.

    There are political / cultural messages in this film that are quite similar to the ones in Star Wars The Last Jedi, but they are well integrated with the story. Whereas the The Last Jedi had scenes that felt like were made solely for passing down political / social messages.

    The Indoraptor is a cooler and scarier animal than the Indominus Rex.
  23. The Indoraptor death was super disappointing and fast imo. I really preferred the Indoraptor over the Indominus Rex. It was such a terrifyingly cool hybrid, constantly tapping and clicking its jaw and twitching, super terrifying. Brought back the vibe the raptors had in the original JP movies as well giving off a vibe similar to ALIEN.

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