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Discussion in '2005 Hennessey SRT-10 Viper Venom 1000' started by RalphCM, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Its faster, cheaper, and in my opinion better looking than the veyron. You're just another eurotrash fanboy and can't appreciate a truely awesome performance car when you see one because you are blinded by american stereotypes.
  2. This car has the fastest 0-60 on this site. Sure it is tuned all to hell, but it doesen't matter. It all boils down to the price. Why buy a veryon for over a million, when you can get a faster car for 1/4 that price?
  3. Do none of you people who think the Viper can't handle well read anything ever published?

    Highest Lateral G rating
    Shortest Stopping Distance
    Best track times of ANY tuner car
    Best track times of ANY stock car

    What exactly do you call handling?

    For those of you who say you can modify a Mini or Ford Escort and make it as good as an Enzo, so therefor the Viper means nothing because it's modified .... haha .. I have to say show me? What course and what time on what course. Drag racing is nothing but HP and any car can strap on a jet engine and run fast .. I'm talking NOTHING but handling road race courses, because that's where the real compitition is at.

    Skylines, Porsches and Vipers have consistantly put up both on and off the track. The only division the Vipers have not dominated in are 4wd Rally divisions.

    I have to ask again .. what exacly do you mean when you say Handling? Because I measure handling by the same things magazine and racers do. track times and statistics, like lateral G force and stopping distances.
  4. I like this car.
  5. I hate vipers, corvettes, and vipers no matter how hopped up they get.
  6. The Veyron will always be better looking. It doesn't have that mass produced feel the Viper has.

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