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  1. Just learned

    He was fixing a A-Class Mercedes. It's the steering that needed fixing. The scary thing is that the A-Class has electronic steering (no mechanical connection between steeringwheel and frontwheels) how can that even be legal??

    Are there more cars that have electronic steering?
  2. Loads and loads. Seriously, tons.

    There's been debate raging on in Porsche circles about whether electric is better than mechanical (997 vs 991).

    A large number of new cars coming out today use it. Largley I think due to it being a good saver of fuel vs. a traditional set up.
  3. Mercedes claim they use it on the A-Class because there's no room for a mechanical steering system. Seeing the problem with this A-Class I think it's just a question of time before we see people getting killed because of the electronic system #$%#s up.
  4. This isn't really a new thing. There are also a number of cars out there that use 100% electrical fuel pedals, and I think Mercedes is doing fully electronic braking now
  5. I dunno. I don't really like the idea just in thought. But If it's good enough for aircraft it's probably good enough for cars and trucks. Granted the guys at Boeing probably have better quality control than merc.
  6. Plus planes have backup systems cars don't.
  7. Honestly we're not joking when we say it's been around for absolutely ages. There are millions of cars already on the roads with electric power steering. If there was a problem with it don't you think there would already have been the catastrophic event you're predicting, or at least some recalls? The system is perfectly safe.

    The only point that appears to be debated is whether the lack of steering feel commonly associated with EPS is worth the efficiency benefits.

    Either way, manufacturers are getting progressively better at simulating steering feel through EPS. Again using Porsche as an example, the 991 GT3 isn't necessarily ruined by EPS, and it's a big leap over the standard Carrera's steering. Purists (people on car forums) will say the 997s have better steering but it's probably negligible for the vast majority of buyers.
  8. Lol I work at a Chevrolet dealership and I helped a mechanic friend re-calibrate the electric steering on a Cruze (massive piece of shit by the way). It was honestly no different than calibrating my computer racing wheel. I'm the wrong person to ask about any kind of power steering because I'm a caveman and I don't like any but yeah. It's safe as long as GM doesn't attempt it (like anything) but I have yet to experience a nice feel from electric steering. Nothing can beat a non power assisted rack. New cars suck.
  9. its to offer idiots new modes of steering response! "eco, Sport, Sport+ and RACE"
  10. What do you mean by there's no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels?

    Of course all of that is there. The only thing that's different is there's no hydraulic pump and hoses. The sterring column, sterring rack and pinion, tie-rods, it's all there.

  11. I think he's talking about steer-by-wire, which translate steering motion into rack movement via electric signaling and dedicated motors, instead of having the column connected directly to the rack. Kinda like how throttle-by-wire does away with the metal cable to the throttle body and instead replaces the throttle body with one driven by an electric motor which is merely signaled by the throttle position sensor.
  12. This.

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