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    ok please like be banned 95 cinvertible stang , COME RACE THIS FD35 I DARE U PLEASE U LIVE WHERE I WANNA TEACH YOU WHAT ROTARY IS!!
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    Definitivaly Stock automatic. Wit my Rex I beat an Svt on lower than stock boost because my oil was about to be chnaged
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    his car has about 215-225hp, the RX-7 has 255hp, plus its way lighter, and it gets the power to the ground a hell of alot more efectivly then a mustang, so a 5.0 dosnt stand a chance.
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    The new version (RX-7 Spirit R FD3S) has 280HP+ with only a few extra kilos.
    Isn't this car just amazing? =D
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    Ya know, I can't think of one car out there made by Ford that wasn't a boat.. okay, exclude the little Focus, but they're in a whole other terrible catergory of their own. My name for Mustangs.. gas-guzzlin'-lead boats. No other term for them, unless ya wanna go into more detail, which.. well, could go on and on and on.
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    You guys are a bit Harsh. If that RX-7 Didnt have a Turbo then that 5.0 would spank it. But I dont know which models do have turbo's and which dont. But I do know im saving up for a 3rd Gen. RX7 now. But Mustangs are still great cars. Go to a few 2005 GT sites. Predicted Qtr mile times of 13.5 that aint shabby. Its not the Displacement you should be trippin on from the Stang its the Tech. which Ford is slowly profecting. In 2005 they'll have 3 valve per cylinder. Like the fact that most what you call it VTech's? They have DOHC tech. Hence just like a Cobra. You'd think the VTECH people would respect them since it's the same tech. Even thou the 2.0 liter inline four's would never get that much hp as the 320 hp 2001 Cobra from building there's in stock form to a 4.6 liter they'd still gain LOADS of torq. It's not a displacement game for street racing or minor track stuff. But if you really want to run what do you do it with???? Big Block power right? I dont see any circuits with inline 4's running 4 seconds times left in right do you? Do Top Fuel draggersters have inline fours? nah probably not. I'm not hating any cars. I LOVE the RX-7. & i will own one with in the next YR.

    Speaking of 5.0's I have a buddy with one. Before i totaled my 98 GT i used to spank him all the time lol. he had 3.73 gears and some stuff probably 230 hp at the FlyW. I'd beat him by 1 to 2 cars all the time lol.

    Speaking of the 2005 GT have you scene production pictures? Man it looks sweet and a lot better then the proto.
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    i say that if you don't like rx7's stay off the forum the rx7 s the best import car ever it is better than most domestics especially rustangs
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    the 2006 version is supposed to have over 320 hp+ i can't wait
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    You guys have a lot to say here, and apparently not many of you know much about Mustangs. First of all, a STOCK RX7 will not beat a 2000 Cobra R. The R runs 12's STOCK. Don't believe me? Look it up in the pages of Motor Trend. It ran a 12.88, and pending the right driver and conditions, it can probably run faster. Secondly, your statement about power output is seriously off. Maybe you should look into these things before running your mouth off. RWHP has been recorded at anything from 360 to 376, and RWT has been as high as 386 out of a 5.4 liter V-8. The car may have a slight weight problem, but its got the balls to back it up. And its STOCK out of an engine conservatively rated at 385/385. As for the comment about 800 horsepower. There IS a Mustang that was STOCK with that output. Its called the 1994 Mustang BOSS concept. 855 horsepower it was rated at, and it ran 10's on street tires. It was naturally aspirated too. You don't see any naturally aspirated 2 liters putting out that power. You guys talk a lot about this power these cars have. You want a true test of power? Take that stock RX7 and add 800 pounds to it, then race it. Then you can compare apples to oranges. Keep it AMERICAN.
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    That's really unlikely to happen in Japan. There is this rule in Japan that limits the HP of the car to a maximum of 300HP. That's why Skyline GT-R R34 has a spec of 290HP, when it actually has 320. (Poor Mazda was the only car manufacturer that strictly followed the 300HP limit law)
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    rustangs are nothing, and even if it could beat an rx7 in a straigt line, it could never do a road course. everyone knows that mustang 5.0's handle like bricks with plastic wheels.
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    Who's talking about 5.0's? That's old technology. Come and play with me at SIR and I'll show ya the a$$ end of my stock (except for bushings) '03 Cobra.
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    theres no way an 03' cobra could touch an rx-7 on the twisties. In fact im having a hard time thinking of a car with the same price that could match in rx-7 in speed and handling. and dont say skyline because there is so much bull**** flying around about it that you can't tell fact from fiction. except for that jackass at cardomain that says his has 2700 horsepower with a stock fuel system... L O f***in L

    o and by the way this pic sums this whole thing up perfectly
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    damn looks like they taked that 1 out finally. lol, but they still have some1 saying that theres has 1300 which is still pretty stupid.
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    i dont understand it either, im pretty sure that people who own cars with upwards of 1000 horsepower dont spend alot of time on internet forums.
  16. you guys are dumb it is possible for a 5.0 to smoke an rx7.the 5.0's have a hell of a lot more potential.come on whats a more popular engine style...rotary or smallblock v8's? haha end of that.i do like the look of rx7's better though.and they do haul ass.im not sure if the dude heres being completely honest but i do know it is possible.just dont bash mustangs and the somewhat legendary 5.0.
  17. complete and utter bullshit

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