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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Corvettewillkillyou, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. I just Bought a 94 Lincoln Town car, black with 280K miles on it, runs strong and everything works, it has alot of wear, it has some dings, trunk is stuck, interior is fine. Guess how much I payed.
  2. 1300

    i take that back, 1000
  3. oh dear, with that many miles, i would guess around 500.
  4. 35,000. did you finance it?
  5. Has the engine even been overhauled?
  6. $200 or less I hope
  7. Well most miles are highway, the thing has never missed a tune up and still runs strong, nothing seems wrong. I bought it for $100. quick Question is the 4.6 OHV in this the same one that is in the stang?
  8. It's over head cammed you n00b and yes it's the Mustang engine though tuned for more torque to move the heavier Lincoln.
  9. Well I'm sorry, I said OHV instead of OHC, a mistake. Alright now i'm really embarraressed I said OHC haha, too much time fixing the damn lawnmower.
  10. if it still has the stock head gasket, you've got the best 4.6 ever
  11. Those Lincolns last forever and ever. That's why most of the Limos and Livery cars you see are Lincolns, because they can take hundreds of thousands of miles and keep on ticking.

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