Just bought a new bike

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  1. Yeah it sucks, my right leg feels like dead weight, almost want to get a pair of crutches to be honest. went to the doc yesterday, he said just rest for two weeks, ice/heat it on and off and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory. the bike wont be here for another week or so anyway.
  2. Yeah it was the worst pain of my life. I was taking some really strong pain killers and theyonly worked for half an hour and then pain came back, after 3 days the pain improved though but my back hasn't been the same since. It actually took me 10 months to regain any feeling on my right thigh and every once in a while I start getting pain from my lower back all the way to my right foot. I even lost some athleticism, I went from dunking pretty easily to now not so much.
  3. this scares me... i dont think mine is quite as severe as yours, since over the counter meds are holding me well.

    the athleticism lost is what i dont like. did you lose strength as well?
  4. Strength is about the same but my back starts hurting after a days work
  5. blah.

    you should do some back exercises to strengthen it
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    regional differences i guess. i dont know anyone who owns a bike that looks like that.
  7. Two questions...

    1) Where do you live?

    2) Do you dislike most of the people there? If so, that's why you don't see any cool bikes.
  8. 1) near to orlando

    2) this is not really a bike-riding town. people pretty much do it for fitness, in which case they ride road bikes or hybrids, or they're mexicans, in which case they ride purple walmart mountain bikes.
  9. You live in a small town.
  10. not really, but this is definitely not a bike town.

    my town is 41k people in 9.5mi^2, a part of orlando metro which is more than two million in 4000mi^2.
  11. lol

    Anyway, all I'm saying is your gay little town doesn't know what's cool, and that's why nobody there has a cool bike.
  12. those bikes are ok if youre the f-word for gays. according to my town, anyway. only girls and old men seem to ride them.
  13. lol bikes. should have bought a car
  14. because the guys are too busy over-compensating for their latent homosexuality by pretending to hate nice things so they can seem tough.
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  16. Bikes R gay.
  17. eahc time I pass a bike I downshift into high RPM then send out some Co2 its way
  18. You cant downshift. Youre crippled.
  19. "-" paddle?

  20. You cant argue with me. Youre crippled!
  21. I totally attach a milk crate to mine.
  22. Don't push me to be mean
  23. thats a pretty shit thing to do
  24. thats because it is false

    this summer my resolution is to always, even when they are wrong and not respecting the laws, give the cyclist priority.

    its so #$%#ing dangerous.
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