just couldn't wait

Discussion in '2000 Hartge V8' started by snyper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. apparently Hartge couldn't wait for the new M3 so he decided to create one of his own, heck it turned out to be a better performer than the M3, even in handling, way to gop Hartge!!!!
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    True..........But dont take away from the M3......its still a great car.......imagine if they modified the M3..........It would be a power house.....Turbo or a blower would add huge horses......But that is true how they created a sweet ride.
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    I saw a car show on Speedvision where they compared this car to the M3 and the Alpina B3 3.3. Their final analysis was that this one was the fastest, but was a real brute to drive and required a lot of skill to drive fast. The M3 was fast, and had the best handling and control of the bunch. The Alpina, though not as fast as the two others, was the most civilized. They didn't pick a winner, but personally, I think I would take the Alpina. That doesn't mean I wouldn't take either one of the others at the drop of the hat though.
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    Porscheguy, you're right.
    I drove the Hartge and the Alpina (didn't have the chance to drive the M3 though).
    The Hartge is tremendously fast, but also extremely brutal and loud, and also very expensive. For everyday use I prefer the Alpina or even my stock 328.
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    This is one of my faves. I love Hartge. This thing can beat the shit out of a Camero. Im glad everyone else likes it. This is what gets the ladies.
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    Hartage did tune an M3 and it pumps out 460hp @ 6800rpm, and
    398lb-ft @ 4500rpm.....now that is sick
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    That 460hp M3 is this car, The Hartge H50, It has a tuned up M5 V8. All the testing done on this car so far is Herbert Hartge's personal car and it has the stock M5 V8 in it, So the full version with 460hp will be even more brutal!!!
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    no kidding they new what kind of an engine was going into the new m3, and this motor has 60 some more horses.
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    this car is better than alright, i would prefer it over a standard M3 anyday.

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