Just get a F-body

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Formula1Mclaren, Nov 25, 2002.

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    some people might see the f bodys are more reliable and have better performance thats why i said just get a damn f body cuz the cheap pos cant compete with the f-bodys maby an nsx for some dumbass thats goin to say some shit about an nsx beating a vette or something.
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    NSX gets raped by a vette, and yeah I really really really hate those idiots who think civics are performance cars, scarily, my brother is turning into one despite riding in my 71 chevelle for years (which has never lost on the street, including many a civic)<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    F-body's suck.
    Thats why I wont buy a retarded f-body.
    Why dont you Domesticrits get a life...
    Large heavy v-8(go straight)gas guzzlers are out!!
    Sport Compact Cars are the way to go. Its takes more brains to make a little inline-4 run faster than a V8. Which is why most people wont even bother with trying to tune a Civic.

    "Dude you just got beat by a Civic, bet you feel retarded now?"
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    yeah you just gotta hate those damn 30 mpg z28's and corvettes, damn gas guzzlers
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    It also costs more money to make a Civic haul ass, you retard.
    It's also embarassing that old, heavy, outdated V8's that are out are still burning out the new, stupid, NOS-powered I-4 trend.

    Why don't you Civicrits get a life?

    "Dude, you just drove a Civic. Bet you feel retarded now?"
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    why couldent they just stay as nomaral cars that are gas efficent. trying to be somthing your not isent that cool. so dont act fast when, well your not. but i will say one thing, i have seen some import owners that actually do some engine work to it, but i would still go with a fbody.
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    We weren't talking about rally racing, you idiot.
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    That's good. That's really good.
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    Whoa whoa whoa (ok i know this post is like a page old but i couldnt help it)... If we're gonna talk about "old technology," GUESS WHAT, the inline 4-Cylinder is an OLDER design than the American V8 Pushrod engine... later on, american cars started using them, in the 70's there was a 4-Cylinder compact car with an all-aluminum 16 valve DOHC, EFI engine that could turn 8,000 RPM... Sounds like an Integra of today, doesnt it??? Surprise! it was the Chevy Cosworth Vega... whatever the hell that is, im only speaking for America here. lol. However, honda lovers will critisize american performance cars like the firebird, camaro etc for having pushrod valves instead of SOHC or DOHC, truth is that these engines produce MUCH more HP, and torque, than any honda or acura engine, INCLUDING the nsx. And its available in like a 24,000$ car, not top of the line.

    Quote from some web site- "These engines have all the so-called "high tech" parts. In fact, the Ford DOHC V8 used in the Mustang Cobra was selected as one of Ward's Ten Best Automobile Engines in 1997. For those of you who don't know, Ward's publishes prestigious journals of the automobile industry, both foriegn and domestic. There WERE NO HONDA ENGINES ON THE LIST OF BEST ENGINES. Who's "low tech" now? " I think honda/japanese car lovers should shut their ***** ass's up about their damn fuel economy and "high tech v-tec" engines... buy a real car, something that has a engine desinged AFTER 1920...
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    I'm the same guy as above, i lost my password... but id like to add that "Vtec" only stands for variable valve timing. Dont know letter by letter but its true, Ford uses it, BMW uses it, and many others, they just dont have to ANNOUNCE it. Valve timing, to my knowledge only times the valves better at different speeds and increases gas flow. I believe thats right. Either way, the funny thing is, that any owner of a Civic or integra that HAS a Vtec, doesnt know what the hell it even means, they just think the cool red valve cover looks sweet...
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    well to go against the posts from stupid retards who are in love with their v-tecs. frist off you say your cars last longer, well i have a 96 cadillac Seville STS, bought it brand new, it now has 104k miles on it and i have had NO trouble, never had a tune up, everything i have ever done is replaced belts, oil and fluids, and i have done that all on my own. secondly, gas milleage, you civic lovers, you say how your car gets 30+ mpg, well my car gets 30-40+ mpg on the freeway, on a slight downhill it will get 50-60 mpg. how about that for a 300 HP american V8. my car has toasted almost any import i have street raced against, i have not raced any cars more expensive than mine, just stupid kids who think they are big shit cuz they but a couple grand into their shitty civic. i would take my car over any import piece of shit.
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    Damn man Im with ya all the way, my uncle (whom i live with) has a 99 STS and its bad ass, that car really goes. Northstar V8's are one of the greatest engines out there.
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    my bad its an SLS...
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    u kno y the Northstar is awesome? cause it is American. do u kno y Civics suck? cause they aint American! The us made the first car, the Ford Model A, and they made the best car the Corvette C1-5 (not sayin thats all i like, it jus kicks ass) US PRIDE!
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    Right, im all with ya, however civics dont suck when used exactly what their intended for. Great for running errands and having excellent gas milage. But with many new cars, much more with japanese, they are built poorly, and fall apart. Id take a 74 dart slant 6, over any civic, as far as running errands, dependability, and gas milage goes.
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    I would drive a Civic in the winter only. I would make it a winter beater, and let the road salt attack it.
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    hey good idea, let the salt eat up something that u wont give a shit about.
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    Civic or F-body? why not buy a BMW M3 and laywaste to both, on the strip and in the twistys.
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    the us didnt make the first car, a man by the name of diamler did, the first car one german, thats all, carry on.
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    i belive you when you say that your car hast had problums, and that you can beat civics is races, but dont try to bullshit us saying that you get 30-40+mpg and 50-60mpg on a hill, thats just bullshit, there is no way that a V8 with that milage would go under the radar by magazines and other intitions, if you truly has a 4.6 300hp V8 geting 40mpg you would have awards and all sorts of press around it, so dont make unfounded clames please.
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    Mercedes made the first car actually.
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    good idea, you'd actually be able to move.

    FYI - of 1990 vehicles, Mustangs have more problems with rust than Civics.
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    Finally! American Gearheads Unite! Why the hell anyone would want to "race" in some POS Japanese car is beyond me...It has been proven over and over again that Pushrod OHV technology is not out of date, and in many cases produces more power and has better gas mileage than its Japanese cars. However, I do give KUDOS to Nissan and their new V8 in the Titan and Armada...Very powerful and have some good feeling to them...But getting to the point, the F-body may be dead, but that dosnt stop it from being a great car. I would really like to see one of the "great" Type-R cars go up against one of our SS' or Z28s...The Honda wouldnt even stand a chance...And driving satisfaction? There is no comparison between the two! I own a 1st gen Camaro (1968 327) and there is nothing like whipping through a corner spinning both wheels leaving a cloud of green smoke behind....LOL, lets see some Jap do that!
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    I owned 4 Ford Mustangs and only one rusted badly. I had a 1991 LX 2.3 liters 4 banger as a winter beater and that's the only one that rusted out bad. I kept it for 8 years.

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