just got my car painted *pics*

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AntiPimpage, May 7, 2007.

  1. I think all you need now is a bigger rear bumper to match the front bumper
  2. I read the whole thread when I posted the first time

    I didnt mean to say that you are a broke ricer. I said thats what the car makes you look like.

    Anyway, you're right from the side it doesnt look like a massive step between the front bumper and the side skirts, but I dont think you should have repainted the whole thing in the body's silver colour.

    Painting the lower part black would have been simpler, more visually appealing, cheaper and more elegant.

    Anyway, if the difference was a "few hundred dollars" why didnt you go for it? it would have been worth spending the few extra bucks for the final result.

    It doesnt matter whether you think my opinion is retarded or not, the car looks silly. Either go for a new rear bumper + skirts or buy a silver A4 stock bumper from a scrapyard. With a front mount intercooler it will look even worse. Period.
  3. agree to disagree
  4. Looks good; much better than my old roommates A4.
  5. Yeah, you need the rest of the RS4 kit.
  6. BBS wheels would be perfect on that.

    Edit: This makes me want an older Audi.
  7. Looks nice. A big improvement from when you bought it.

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