Just had a 160mph ride in a modded C6

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ali84, May 21, 2010.

  1. And I just realized how boring cars can be... and why motorcycles are God's own creations. 160 on a motorcycle makes you feel alive but in the corvette, it was just too easy, absolutely ANYONE can do it. And didnt even feel that fast till I saw the speedo and it was in fact 160mph.

    On the other hand, accelerating past 150 on a literbike is for a bravest of souls. Most chicken out at 120.

    No wonder I gave up on cars. Motorcycles is where its at. They make you feel alive everytime the engine revs to the sky, the motor howls like a banshee and you accelerate forward leaving pretty much all land based transportation standing still.

    First time you hit the 186 mph limiter on a sportbike and live to tell about it, you feel like god.
  2. live fast die messy
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    Any grossly overpowered motorcycle, considered likely to land an inexperienced rider's organs in someone else's body.
    (Originally, emergency-room slang for "the motorcycle crashed by the patient now on the table.")

    BTW any bike rider can go to 160, they are some of the dumbest people ive met. a guy was acting the shit the other day, pops a wheelie, lost control and smacks into the side of my parents car. the #$%#er had no insurance.
  4. I hope you die.
  5. omg did you die?
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    Seriously, I have friends that have been 160+ on a motorcycle and you're right.....not the brightest and certainly not the best.

    Top speed has never done much for me. Give me a car at it's limit on a corner please!
  7. when reaching 160 try turning and lets see if it doesnt make you feel alive
  8. I call dibs on your liver, assuming it along with the rest of your body stays in one general piece...
  9. Fun is more than just a straight line, and it should last for more than 1320 ft/400 meters!
  10. Well you dont have to pin the throttle every time you get on it..its all about respecting the immense capabilities of these machines and controlling the urge to go fast on every open strech of road and saving it for the track.

    And yeah, while cars are fun on the track, sitting in a metal box and turning wheel is boring compared to taking turns with your elbow/knee almost touching the ground.

    Cars will always be more practical but honestly, handled properly, nothing beats a motorcycle for the most fun and pure experiences in the motoring world.
  12. Until you drive a GT3 RS.
  13. The same concept that makes the gt3 great is the single fundamental concept that makes bikes great but exemplified to a greater degree with bikes. They have no frills , no safety weight , they are a sole purpose machine , they don't make compromise for comfort in the same way cars do. Yes they are dangerous , that's often the trade off for extremely fun/ fast objects. Its why you don't get the same thrill from knitting...

  15. you're a twat
  16. anybody can go 186 on a streetbike that can operate an XR100. It just comes down to if you're dumb enough to do it on a highway. Ill stick to my 150hp 3500 pound truck that I could probably make you wet yourself a wee bit in.
  17. Rally cars?
  18. group B rally cars shit on all bikes
  19. lol at people who havent ridden bikes in this thread
    also lol at reckless behavior that gets you killed
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    sums it up
  21. lol, it had to be modded to do 160mph didn't it
  22. im just the opposite. I feel you have to much control over a bike. I prefer cars because im more disconnected, therefor making it more of a challenge to feel the limits.
  23. there's nothing like driving a formula 1 car on the street at 210mph. that's what real men do. bikes r for #%$gots.
  24. um
    so you prefer driving a buick to a 911
    i dont even know what to

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