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  1. On the NHTSA site, a Ferrari 208 turbo can be legally imported to the US, no questions asked....cool! I'd rather have that then the farting 308.
    Also a 95' and 96' Escort RS Cosworth can be imported...awsome!
  2. yes ofcourse, a 208 Turbo is older then 1989, it's from that year that they need all the crashtests and emission tests
    now the bigger problem is finding one
    with only 470 GTB & 250 GTS build and mostly all for the italian market they are very hard to find for sale.
    i've only seen a few myself
  3. Isn´t the 208 a classic?!
  4. they where build from 82 till 85
  5. a farting 308 ? Get a carb 308 or a GTBi 4Valvole 308 , they are amazing.
  6. carb 308
    sounds better
  7. Wasn't there only 30 208Turbos or something ever made? or am I mistaking it with the "208"?
  8. the regular 208 had 160 GTB's & 140 GTS's
  9. I've read that 248GTBs were produced.... did you get that from carsfromitaly?
  10. try looking it up in for instance:
    Ferrary by Pininfarine - Etienne Cornil
    the Original Ferrari V8 - Keith Bluemel
    the mercato listing in Cavallino magazine
    the mercato listing in Ferrari Club magazine
    Ferrari Market letter
    my humble & always growing database
    and so on...
  11. You're a Ferrarista: +1
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  14. I don't know why you'd prefer a 208; they're generally slower than 308s. Not to mention that turbo lag is a non-issue with a 308.
  15. 208 was launched in 1981, it was not supercharged, and it had, sadly, only 155hp.
    In 1982 was launched the 208 turbo, 220 hp and 242 Kph.
    In 1986 was launched the GTB (and GTS) Turbo intercooler, 208 was deleted. it was the 328 agaist the ridicolous italian-taxes: again V8 1,991cc 254Hp and 253 Kph.
    I remeber a road test by Quattroruote: 251 Kph and 0-100 Kph 6.6s
    In 1989 208 died.

  16. The 208 was a peice of shit. It was made simply because of italian luxury tax laws.

    I'd way rather have a 308 or 328. Although some 308's and 328's are quite slow because of changing emisions regulation that came in. depending on what market, what year, how many valves, carbuation or injection, etc.

    Its the kind of car you would really have to do your homework on and speak to a few experts before hand. i beleive the 308, with carby's, and no emision controls is the pick of the bunch.
  17. That's true of 308s, but not of 328s. All 328s had fuel injected, QV engines, and delivered pretty much the same level of performance.
  18. Please respect, gtb intercooler was good.
    About 308:
    1st series, "vetroresina", was light and superfast, 255 hp and 255 Kph in 1975!
    1977 was a little bit slower, cause weight and emisions regulation.
    1980, 308 GTB i, was a failure: only 214hp
    1982 was better: 308 GTB 4V had 240hp and 250 Kph
    1986 328 was very good: 270hp and 263 Kph.
    Quattroruote had tested it: 256 Kph (too short gear ratio), 0-100 Kph 6.5s

  19. turbo lag is the best automotive feeling in the world...
  20. about turbo-lag, I know the 1982 208Turbo 220 Hp was terrible: under 4000 rpm was a zombie.
    1986 GTB Turbo intercooler was much more better: +15.5% HP and Turbo starts @ 3000-3200 rpm

  21. No.
  22. The 208 turbo was faster then the 308...so i've read.
  23. it so is...
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