Just rip out those heavy leather seats.

Discussion in '2009 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan' started by drew00629, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. once you get rid of all the extra weight, dump the power windows and locks, lose the leather seating and climate control, that might be a fast car..
  2. this is a luxury sports sedan going after the m5 and it has a better power to weight ratio. the last gen cts-v hit 60 in under 5 seconds and that was with 400hp. this gen should run the quarter somewhere in the low to mid 12s...and thats not fast for a 4200lb luxury car? whats your idea of fast?
  3. awww man this car is sex on ice.
  4. Why would you rip out the seats in a Caddy??? If you just want the engine, you could transplant an LSA into a Camaro or something, then gut it. Why gut a luxury car?
  5. Thank you...for preaching the words of wisdom here man, because simply put it'd be defeating the SOUL purpose of this mad-bad machine.
  6. It is not.
  7. It is not.

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