Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

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    Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    The seventh installment in Ken Block’s epic Gymkhana series has arrived.

    The latest video in the series, which features race car driver Ken Block drifting around just about anything you can imagine, features Block taking a modified 1965 Ford Mustang with 845 hp through the streets of Los Angeles.

    Powering the car is a Roush Yates 6.7-liter V8 with 720 lb-ft of torque brought to all four wheels through a six-speed transmission. To withstand the stress of Gymkhana, the car has a full tube chassis, ASD Motorsports-designed suspension, roll cage, door bars, three-piece 18i wheels and custom Pirelli Trofeo R tires with a “custom Ken Block compound.”

    Holly shit! This 'Stang is sick!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    I had a suspicion that if it was still sponsored by Ford that it would basically be a Fiesta WRC awd system.

    That thing is a monster.
  3. Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    Who honestly cares about the looks now that you've all seen it in motion?
  4. Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    I do. Nice cinematography can't disguise that it's still trying too hard, or that these gymkhana vids are beginning to feel just a little bit repetitive.
  5. Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    "trying too hard"... at what? If it was all talk and no trousers you'd have an argument, but all this car is for (aside from advertising an energy drink) is smoky burnouts, donuts, and gigantic full-throttle powerslides. It's meant to look, sound and be driven in the most over-the-top way imaginable. I think the looks fit in exactly with the job it was built for.

    It's not meant for the fairway at Pebble beach, or entry for Concourse D'elegance. It's a a completely unashamed rip-snorting tyre-destroyer, and I think it's brilliant for it.

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  6. Ken Block Unveils 845-HP AWD ’65 Mustang

    To be counter-cultural. It's supposed to be a flying middle-finger to the traditional restoration crowd, but it does so to the extent that it almost becomes a mess of other car sub-cultures. The mechanicals are fine, but I'm not sure about the aesthetics. It's cartoonish, but not is a good way.
  7. The newest Gymkhana video shows what this car was for (which was pretty damn good). Also,an all-wheel drive mustang, why hate on that?

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