kids here are trick-or-treating

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  1. Europe's idea of "children having fun."
  2. Well start develop own culture and own holiday celebratiorn if you want avoid that.

    Here most person is not even know what halloween is. And you still celebrate kill jesus holiday like "Christmas" which is gay as.
  3. yeah because you need 1 day a year to dress up and have a party and fun.

    lol boring americans.

  4. ya I hate halloween and how the girls turn facebook into a softcore porn website
  5. in poland they dress up on nye and party in old german castles
  6. lol you get angry when kids go trick or treating?
  7. Next time dress your little man
  8. lol ok randLQ
  9. We have this at Easter when kids dress up as Easter witches walking around asking for candy
  10. lol easter witches

    dress up as zombie jesus who rose from the dead you savage pagans
  11. I don't want to go out tonight
    I worked/partied friday, repeat saturday, work sunday and today.
    In tired as. going to vegas End of this week too
    I need rest/sleep

    Might go molesting tho if I feel like it
  12. remember what goes on in vegas stays in vegas so don't you dare go posting on about it
    mushroomcandy or wahtever doesn't care about it he only buys tubes from aamco and BP and hits on the cashiers, shows them the worms he pulled from the ground while chopping wood
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  14. also
    lol at these cranky people can't make a kid happy by giving a sang
    #$%# you
  15. To buy candy I should go. Knocking on door the kids might.
  16. There was one young kid, couldn't of been older than 13, that came trick or treating to my door. He was dressed as a girl, blonde wig, pink sweater, stuffed bra. Probably told his parents it was just for halloween..
  17. what are implying here
  18. I'd hit it maybe
  19. I thought halloween existed generally world wide.... I learned something new today!
  20. lol im not going to give a kid anything more than a door in the face if he turns up on my doorstep wearing normal clothes and holds a plastic bag out in front of me
    go back to samoa and beg there
  21. You should have cloroformed him and taken him down to your dungeon to be your prisoner.
  22. He didnt say he didnt, so he probably did.
  23. Halloween>Christmas.

    Just saying.
  24. Win!

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