Kimi's return

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  1. That man has gold in his hands. The car control he showed on his first quali lap or Q3 was briliant. He overdone it but so intense to watch.

    He will win this year don't know how much but he will.
  2. he's always been a fast driver. whatever you put him in its pretty well guaranteed he'll be fast.
  3. that's a mediocre rallyer for you
  4. I was anxious for his return to F1 and am pleased with his pace so far. Always liked Kimi.
  5. Kuuleman mukaan nayttaa hyvalta... melkeen vois kattoo hiukan kisojakin, vaikka maksullisilla ovakki.

    Lookin good, might actually watch some races this season, even if Im annoyed they are available only on payd channels.
  6. I still can't believe people watch television still.
  7. hes doing better than schumacher did on his return, which is a good thing
  8. Yeah, now that getting to a live international sporting event is instantaneous.
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  10. Wow, I did consider that was what you meant, seeing as that was how I watched it myself, but I couldn't see what was posted previously in the thread to differentiate between tv and tv on the interwebs.

    Turns out it was the last two words before your post.... I'll learn to read, I promise.

  11. hobosport you must be overjoyed

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