Kinda Japanesse looking

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    What are you talkin about? Your going to have to explain well.

    And I hope your not one of those guys who think that any American car that uses new designs and materials automatically thinks its Japanese.
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    Don't diss Japanese cars like that, fool, and it totally looks like a Dodge design (though Dodge designs for trucks aren't all that bad)
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    Don't diss Japanese cars like that, fool, and it totally looks like a Dodge design (though Dodge designs for trucks aren't all that bad)
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    LOL, you shithead, Ford Would "Never" "Discrace" america by making something "Japaneeze Looking". Although all tho other american Companies already have Discraced this Country.
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    Japan has yet to make a desent truck.
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    Toyota Tundra has won 'Best truck of the year' How many years in a row now?

    Though not for towing, but for off-road driving capability the Toyota Tundra far surpasses American trucks.
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    are we talking just trucks, or SUV's too. The tundra would be owned by the Jeeps, and the Hummer.

    The tundra is seriously underpowered. They need a supercharger to get any decent amount of power, and its still much less than the top engines from every other company.
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    What's your source because every thing I have senn out of Truck Trend said they couldn't pass for a peice of fieces. The Toyos are only good for highway driving with some stuff in the box and that is about it. Every time I read about the Toyos off-roading, they are usually the first stuck.
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    Lets not have one of them crazy arguments about "jap cars suck" again. Actually, Jap cars look AND perform better than american cars in a lot of instances..
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    NO RalphCM japs are shit. And this truck is truly American 100%!!!

    It's big, powerful and has an enormous amount od torque.

    Japs cars are small and can't even push me out of the way if I stand in front of it.

    AMERICA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lets settle this once and for all, shall we?

    Notice how whenever Asian trucks are rated well, they're rated by 2nd class or even smaller magazines, the kinds of magazines with reps that are sketch and would print anything for money.

    Second, notice how about half of Nissan's trucks/SUVs need some sort of forced induction to reach levels of power that are STILL pathetic. Example? Nissan Xterra, yes, the one that has the hyper yellow paintjob. It has a supercharged engine producing, get this, a WHOPPING 210 HORSEPOWER! WHOA! THATS BIG POWER THERE! (for all of you idiots who think I'm serious, thats called sarcasm). Then their other Frontier, I believe, is supercharged as well. The Tundra, not bad, but Chevy, Dodge, and Ford all beat it, so not really "good" either. The Titan, pretty good job except for the lack of options on it such as bed size, cab style, engine options, tranny options, etc. Sure, it can tow 9500 lbs, but the F-150 can tow 9,900 lbs, WITH A WEAKER ENGINE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thats called engineering, *****! The F-150 has by FAR, the strongest chassis in its class. It's payload is something near 3000 lbs while all its ocmpetitors (including the American ones) are struggling to get past the 2000 lb. mark. F-150 RULES ALL!

    As for the person who made this some research man. American companies have been building big, tough, strong trucks since the 50s. These asian companies started like 5 years ago. And they still cant get it right enough to collectively outsell 1 of the big three. You're probably saying it looks Japanese because of the Titan which LOOKS tough, and performs well (in the department of towing), but who knows how reliable it is? And even then, though the Tonka is just a concept, it was here first.

    Speaking of trucks, anyone see the 2005 Ford Superduty? With this upgraded Superduty out next year, Ford will dominate in towing and probably payload in both classes. Pretty badass....
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    I am impressed!
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    by my post? i hope so, thank you.

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